Proper Teacher: Week One

Having now been a teacher for an entire week I wanted to share an honest reflection of the week that I had. I’ve already had such a positive response on my teacher related posts so I want to include them where I can! I think its nice knowing you’re not the only one feeling a certain way about things – plus I’m sure I’ll have many a funny story to tell too! So can you believe it? I’ve done one full week of being a teacher?! I sure can’t!

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A Trip To Camden

I feel so lucky that I’ve gotten to go away for a few days with my boyfriend, this time to celebrate his birthday in Camden! Its so nice to spend a few days exploring a new place together and having been able to do it twice this summer has been an absolute treat!

We decided to go to Camden mainly because he had booked tickets for a gig there before he’d met me, and well as his plus one it meant we got a few days to explore the area too! I’ve been to London many times but never been to Camden so I was excited to give this new area a try with my favourite person for his birthday.

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One Year Veganniversary: Vegan Questions Answered

I cannot believe it has been one whole year since I took the step into full veganism! I had been part time vegan for a few years and felt the time was right to complete the process. Well, a year on and I’m still alive and well. I wish I could go back in time and make this decision sooner as I honestly think its the best one I’ve ever made.

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My Experience With My PGCE: How Can You Survive It?

Life as a PGCE student isn’t easy, and trust me if anyone says it is I don’t believe them. But by god is it worth it. In less than a year I have made a full 180 with my life in a positive way. My PGCE has given me direction in my life as well as clarity in so many aspects; for the first time in my life I have something I want to do, and that to me is the most exciting thing.

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Brighton: A Weekend Getaway

For my birthday this year my boyfriend well and truly spoilt me. It was our first “celebration” since we’ve been together so it all felt really rather special. I’ve always been the planner in relationships so to have someone plan and then surprise me with a weekend away was really the most amazing thing! I wanted to share with you some of the things we did with our time, the places we ate and what we saw too!

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What a Year

I’ve done it.

Or at least nearly…just waiting for the paperwork to officially be signed, but I am a fully qualified teacher.

Gosh that feels scary writing that, but equally exciting. I’ve spent the last year or so working up to this moment; many late nights writing and planning, many tears shed and wobbly moments, but equally many laughs and stories to get me through. I never before understood just what it takes to cut it as a teacher and I’m only just starting! I’ve got the next chapter in my life starting now and I cannot wait!

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