What It Means To Be A Feminist

I saw something today that inspired me to write this post. I was reading The Times online and an article by Alexandra Frean caught my eye. It was titled “Sorry, but women don’t need to be told how to write’, this title intrigued me so I had a look. The article was about a new computer programme that was teaching women how to write emails in the workplace. Specifically to eliminate the use of certain words like ‘just’ and ’sorry’. This sounds ridiculous as women should be allowed to write the way they want just as anybody else can. The article was powerful and well written, however, it was the comments on it that sparked this post.

One reader had simply written,

“Feminism has by all accounts turned sour and while it won some important victories should now be consigned to history.”

As a Politics student, one of the many things we learn about is feminism. It most certainly should not be consigned to history. Feminism in its true form is recognising that women deserve the same equality as men. I can understand why people might say such ridiculous things as the individual above, however, they are clearly poorly educated on what it means to be a feminist.

There are different strands of feminism; liberal, Marxist and radical. The latter, however, is the only one that people ever seem to remember.

Liberal feminism is the direction the article in The Times was. It was constructive and supportive of a women’s unique quality of an ‘ethic of care’. It didn’t shut down men, or throw abuse, it was respectful and liberal in its approach.

Feminism shouldn’t be consigned to history. There are so many powerful, strong women advocating what it means to be a feminist. How everyone should be one, how every man and woman deserves the basic human rights they’re sometimes deprived.

If you want to check out the Times article the link is:


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