Why Are We So Obsessed With The Selfie?

We’re all guilty of a selfie. It would be lying to deny that at one point in our lives we haven’t posed for a picture we’ve taken ourselves. I’ve done it. I’ve done it, but I don’t feel comfortable doing it often. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I’m like ‘Wow I really look amazing today!’ and want to take a picture to document this image. But for all of the thousands of times I’ve looked at myself and thought those words, only a handful of times have I actually taken the photo.

This is not due to a lack of self-confidence. This is due to lack of needing to justify my confidence. Selfie-culture, in my opinion, is damaging society. It’s progressed to a point where self-worth is determined by how many likes you get on your profile picture on Facebook or on Instagram. There’s now even apps you can download to ‘Get Likes’, how ridiculous?! Is it really so important that people click that like button for you to like yourself? If I post a picture on social media it’s not to boost my self-confidence, it’s to share that moment in my life with the people I care about.

It’s damaging to society due to the simple fact that people aspire to be like the photos that get the likes. And what are those photos usually? The tall, skinny, sun-kissed girls or the muscly, tall, tanned boys; this body ideal created by the media that actually holds no real representation of society. Girls wear more make-up and boys obsess over their abs, is that really a necessary concern for 10-year-olds? Unfortunately, I think this is becoming the case.

On several occasions, as I’ve been scrolling through my social media feed, I’ve seen photos of young girls posing in ways that wouldn’t even be appropriate for adults in my view. The excessive makeup, the low-cut top and push-up bras. I’ll be brutally honest and say it disgusts me. 15-year-olds should not be trying to sell themselves as 21-year-olds. It’s dangerous and unnecessary. I know many people, myself included, that survived just fine through school without the assistance of a push-up bra and fake tan, so it’s not impossible. Young people are becoming obsessed with image and looking a certain way when they should be more concerned about living their life and enjoying the benefits of being a child!

Selfie’s are just the beginning of a growing problem. It shouldn’t need to get to the stage where you’re unsure if a girl is 13 or 22 years old. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much there in some cases.

I think the best selfies are the one’s where you don’t care what people think. They’re the ones where you’re free and embracing your true skin and personality. My favourite photos of myself aren’t the ones where I have makeup on. They’re the ones where I’m smiling and you can see that happiness making me glow (like the one in the photo attached to this post of my boyfriend and I). Selfie’s should be about sharing happiness, not your pout.


Comment below what you think of this post, be honest, what’s your opinion on selfies?

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