Is Sexuality And Gender A Choice?

A subject that has caused many debates for me is the idea of sexuality, specifically homosexuality and transgender. Personally, I am a huge supporter of people being free and able to express their sexuality in whatever way they please. I can’t understand why certain people oppose gay marriage or transgenders, why people can’t except something natural and normal is beyond me.

I’ve heard so many phrases like “It’s wrong, unnatural” or “It’s just a phase”. I couldn’t disagree with these statements more. I think that your sexuality and the gender you associate with is not a ‘phase’. It is something that is a part of you from birth, just like in heterosexual individuals. Being gay isn’t a choice and neither is being transgender so people need to stop acting like it is. It’s in people’s psychological makeup.

Being homosexual is no different to being heterosexual except for the genders involved; there is no change in the value of their love or in the way their love should be defined. Therefore, this love should be celebrated and recognised in the same way that heterosexual love is: with marriage. I shall say now that I am not religious, so I guess it’s very easy for me to not see marriage as something that can only happen in Churches. I see marriage as only a declaration of love between two individuals, nothing more.

Transgender is an issue that is still relatively new in terms of human sexuality. It is also something I am hugely in support of. As I’ve said in many of my body image posts, the whole point of life is to be happy and if living as the opposite sex will do that for some people why should anyone prevent that? Gender is very different to sex. Sex refers solely to a persons biological make-up and physiology, gender is a person’s personality and behaviours. Therefore based on the definition of these two words you can be female by sex but male by gender, and this is a difference that needs to be better known and understood.

As a heterosexual female I have no issues with homosexuals or transgenders. I would never feel uncomfortable or threatened or embarrassed by them as they are people. People that have the same rights and feelings as every other individual on the planet. Your gender and sexuality doesn’t define who you are as a person, how kind or compassionate you are does. By treating homosexuals and transgenders differently is as bad as racism; it’s discriminating and judging a person for how they were made. Everyone, in my opinion, is made the best way they were supposed to be, so everyone regardless of race, gender and sexuality has the right to feel happy and comfortable in their own skin, without the threat of abuse.

I want to live in a world where everyone feels happy and confident in their own skin. Where those that are homosexual or transgender don’t feel trapped or scared. I don’t get why “coming out” is such a big deal? I didn’t one day sit my parents down and tell them I was heterosexual, so why is it different. The problem with the way things are today is that being gay or transgender is such a hushed thing. Children aren’t educated on it and how it is normal. I was taught at school and through reading books and children’s films that it’s always the man and the woman that live happily ever after. I think if I’d been exposed to homosexual couples at a younger age it wouldn’t have been so taboo. It would have been normal. Children are clever and forgiving and non-judgemental. People only have their preconceived ideas because they’re taught to have them. No-one is born a racist or homophobe, it’s taught to them by friends and family and peers. If we can in some way prevent this negative influence on children and open their eyes to the real world where men and men are couples and where sometimes women look like women but mentally feel like a man, this negative exposure could stop.

I hope that one day this is true. That every person on this planet doesn’t feel threatened because of who they are as a person. They don’t feel bullied or alone because they weren’t made the way society dictates they should of been. People shouldn’t have to feel they should hide their true selves from the ones they love. I hope one day people can embrace the fact that all humans are beautiful and different in their own magical way.

I hope this post connects with people and makes people feel good and positive about themselves. If you have any comments or opinions on this post, share them below.


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