I Don’t Wear Makeup For You

Yes, I wear makeup.

No, I do not wear it every day.

No, I do not wear it so other people think I’m pretty.

People don’t wear makeup for other people, they wear it for themselves. When I look at myself in the mirror when wearing makeup I don’t think I am any more of a desirable person than when I don’t wear it. Wearing makeup is a free choice that I possess. I can wear it, or I don’t have to. But none of these decisions are dictated by whether I think other people would like me to wear it or not.

I like to go makeup free some days to give my skin a break. To allow it to breathe. I like to go makeup free for the gym as when I work out I sweat and I don’t think the it is good for my skin. I like to go makeup free to early morning lectures because an extra 15 minutes in bed is way more important to me. These are all my own personal preferences of mine, but I know for a fact that there are some people out there that wouldn’t dare go makeup free when being in public, and that’s perfectly okay.

I like to wear makeup when going to job interviews or presentations because it makes me feel confident and smart. I like to wear makeup when I go out clubbing or to bars as it makes me feel glammed up for the occasion. I like to wear makeup when I’m feeling nervous as it’s a welcome distraction. Some people would go perfectly natural and bare skin in these situations, and that’s perfectly okay too, it’s about personal choice.

My point is that wearing makeup is a personal preference of the individual. You can wear it if you want, or you don’t have to. No-one should ever feel like that they should wear it because otherwise they’re not attractive. No-one should ever feel like they shouldn’t wear it because it’s fake or misleading.

I find myself referring to myself as a “mess” or “a state” when I don’t wear makeup. But I don’t know why I do. I am not a “mess” or “a state” when I go au naturel because it is me in my true essence. It is my natural beauty. Me in my basic form. That is not a mess it is perfect. People need to remember that and so do I. You should never apologise for your image.

I would now like to say that wearing makeup is not gender exclusive. Throughout this post, I have referred to makeup wearers as “people“, not just women. All genders can wear it, nowhere does it define strict gender accessibility; there are no limits, no rules. This needs to be more widely aware. No-one should insult a man (trans or cis) for doing his eyebrows, or wearing concealer, or even wearing mascara or eyeliner. Just because this may not conform to your gender norms it does not mean it is incorrect. Check out what Male Beauty Blogger Jake-Jamie Ward had to say!

My whole ethos of self-love means that people should be confident in what they want to do and how they want to act. It’s about breaking away from social norms and embracing how you want to act. The exact same arguments can be said about the way people dress. Let me know if you want to see a post in the future of “I Don’t Dress For You‘. Society has created these gendered boundaries but seems to forget that society is changing. There are no longer only two genders and that needs to be realised in the fashion and beauty industry.

Yes, I wear makeup.

No, I don’t wear it for you.

And yes, everyone and anyone can wear it too.


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