Weight Is But A Number

I am a firm believer in the fact that your weight does not define you. I mean, why should it? We don’t let other numerical values such as height or shoe size dictate our worth. How much I weigh has never been a concern of mine, as long as I am happy and comfortable with my body why should my weight affect my happiness?

As of writing this post I weigh 10st 10lb. For some reason people are surprised by this number; even my own doctor has proclaimed that she “expected me to way less”. I have come to the conclusion I must be dense boned or something. I don’t mind I laugh it off, being dense is something unique and I like that. But even so, it’s no issue to me how much I weigh.

If you look at me I look normal, just like everyone else. I’m a size 12 on average in most shops and have always been this way. I’ve never been particularly slim and the smallest I have been is a size 8 and this was after being ill for a long period of time. I am happy with my weight and it poses no health risks or limits to my life. I go to the gym fairly regularly to train for my half marathon and I occasionally play netball and do yoga. I walk a lot because my life demands it, so I would say I have a fairly active person. But yet, according to the NHS, I am overweight.


As you can see from the image above, I am supposedly overweight. I would say when you look at me this is not the case. But even so, I feel comfortable and happy with my body and I wouldn’t change it. As mentioned above, I aim to exercise regularly, especially as I’m training for a half marathon!

My diet is good and healthy and since coming to uni I have cut back dramatically on the amount of snacks and chocolate I eat. Plus I’m eating a lot more vegetables too. I feel at my healthiest right now, so I really stress the fact that the number on your scales does not define you. I gave up chocolate for lent but this was by no means easy! I’m a chocoholic at heart and, regardless of what I weigh, this will never change.

Obsessing over your weight isn’t healthy, but being happy and in control of your body is. I’m a short girl at 5 foot 4 inches so yes I guess I’m not completely in proportion, but I’d much rather have thicker thighs and a smile on my face than obsessing over numbers.

I hope that if there are people out there that do stress about the number on the scales, that you can begin to realise that how much you weigh doesn’t define you. At the end of the day, the number on my scales gives a completely different image to what you actually see, and to me the latter is more important.



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