My Body

Beauty can’t be defined because beauty is everyone. Everyone’s is different so how can we expect people to wish to conform to the same image? One thing about the human race I do truly love is that fact that we are unique. Why is it in 2016 people want to be cloned? Why is it that young boys and girls don’t feel comfortable in their own skin? Because the fashion industry has displayed their idea of beauty, and for some reason society listened. Now it’s time for the fashion industry to listen to society!

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a laugh, or a smile. Notice how these are things that every person has. They are uncontrollable, they are unique and they are un-judged by society. So why do we judge other uncontrollable aspects of people? Why do we insist on ‘fat-shaming’ men and women that are normal size? And why do we force ourselves to believe we are not perfect?

It took me a long time growing up to be fully comfortable with the way my body is. It took me time to accept my wider thighs and hips, my flatter chest and broad shoulders. But it shouldn’t have taken any time at all. I should have been made to feel beautiful by the standards of society. But then one day a few years back I stood in front of my mirror and looked at myself, I really looked, and I realised there was nothing not to love because it was me staring back. It was me, the same face, the same body, the same smile I’ve always had. I realised in that moment that I was made to be this way. If I had been made any other way; slightly taller, slightly slimmer, slightly broader, I wouldn’t be me. So why criticise myself when I should be loving myself. It was then that I came up with my life motto, that I am the most perfect version of myself there has ever been. This line stuck with me whenever I hesitated when looking at myself in the mirror. Then one day I stopped hesitating. Now I strut.

I think every person should strut around. To walk with confidence, a smile and with sass. Who’s there to tell us we can’t? To be confident in your body is the most beautiful thing of all because confidence is acknowledging the fact that you are beautiful. And there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance; I checked:


1.full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing:

2.belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance:

3.certitude; assurance:

He described the situation with such confidence that the audience believed him completely.


offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

(Definitions from

So I want every reader, male and female, to look at themselves in the mirror and realise their beauty. No matter what age, what gender or what size. And why stop there? Tell your friends, family, neighbours, whoever, that they are beautiful too!

Sign this petition to help promote change!



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