How To Get The Ultimate Beach Body

Are you beach body ready?!

Um, yes I am actually because guess what? Having a so-called beach body means that I have to put a swimsuit on my body. Done.

One thing I absolutely despise in the run up to the summer is all of the media attention on that “beach body“. It’s ridiculous! Why are we so set on making people depressed about their figure when really the summer is the time they can show them off and be proud! You can’t get away with showing a lot of your body in winter because it’s just too cold, so the summer is the time you can show off those legs, that stomach and all the rest of your body that you are proud of!

I’ll be perfectly honest: I’ve gone through phases where I’ve been insecure about my belly in a bikini, but now I realise it’s so not important. I wear bikini’s because I love the way my body looks in them, I love laying on the beach sunning myself and building sandcastles. I love everything the summer brings so I have no time to be body conscious!

It upsets me that in the months leading up to summer you see more and more people hitting the gym or dieting, not because they want to improve their health, but because they want that “summer body“. Exercise should only ever be about health and not aspiring for a certain appearance because, hey, newsflash: we all have different appearances anyway! Aspiring to be like that Victoria Secret model will never make you happy because you can never look like someone else!

Of course, it is very easy for me to say “put on that bikini and be proud of your body!” and actually doing that may be hard for some. But the thing with body confidence is that it can’t just happen overnight! It’s about acceptance and a journey. If you dislike your thicker thighs or shorter legs etc you won’t love them overnight. You’ll slowly start to realise that you are absolutely gorgeous the way you are and that if you are healthy that is all that matters!

When I’m at the beach now or in a bikini or shorts I don’t like to think about my appearance anyway. Why would I when I have the beautiful beach in front of me? When I’m on a beach I never look around and criticise those around me, I don’t judge people’s clothes or image, I look at all the people enjoying the day (and the sun as it’s such a rarity in England as it is!). So try to remember that people won’t be looking at you and judging your appearance. It’s only you thinking they are!

So this summer just try and be that little bit more confident and carefree when it comes to your body. Don’t be so tied up in trying to achieve a certain look. Understand that your body is yours and it always will be and that hiding it under baggy clothing in the summer will only make you hot and sweaty and that’s never nice! Be bold and brave and don’t hide away! Embrace the summer as we only get it once a year!


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