Monthly Archives: June 2016

Ooh what’s this you may ask! The Law of Attraction? Hmm… Some super awesome law that helps you find your perfect partner? The perfect way to be attractive? Something to do with magnets? Nope! This is about how you can get what you want by believing in it! Advertisements

Now I know the weather isn’t the best but it is still technically summer, so the question all over the media is “Are you bikini ready?” I say hell yeah! And here’s why everyone of all sizes, races and genders should be body positive this summer!

Okay so this happened the other day… I was talking to someone about my blog and what I do and how I like to promote body positivity and self-love. This is a standard conversation for me as I love talking about what I do, however, they asked me for my dress size.

Sometimes the stress of life can just get a little all too much. You could be working ridiculous hours in your job, studying day and night for exams or even just having so many little jobs and hobbies that you seem to just lose all your free time! Sometimes life can get all too busy for all of us so one thing I have been doing a lot more recently is going for walks.

As a student I have experienced my fair share of exams in the past. And as exam season is upon us, or rapidly approaching for some, I thought I would share my top tips on how to stay as relaxed as possible at this stressful time! Now as I’m sure some of you may know if you read my anxiety post I suffer with anxiety. Therefore I’m not always cool as a cucumber when… Read More