A Walk To Clear The Mind

Sometimes the stress of life can just get a little all too much. You could be working ridiculous hours in your job, studying day and night for exams or even just having so many little jobs and hobbies that you seem to just lose all your free time! Sometimes life can get all too busy for all of us so one thing I have been doing a lot more recently is going for walks.

Well doesn’t this sound like the most boring post ever: a post about walks. But fear not I do try to make things interesting because I do like it when people come back to read more of what I’ve written!

I’m so lucky that where I’ve grown up is in beautiful Dorset. I was blessed with the choice of beach or forest walks. I love the beach, it’s so soothing and I honestly could spend an entire day just walking up and down the promenade, people watching and watching the waves. There’s something melodic to it. The beach will always hold a special place in my heart. The tranquility of the waves has a way of soothing me and allowing me to relax and focus on myself.

Some of my fondest memories of summer and summer holidays abroad have been by the beach. I just love the sound of the sea. I always think of one of my happy places as being when I was sat on a small wooden pier on an Easter break at Round Island in Poole Harbour. I sat there for hours just watching the sun slowly set and the tide go in and out. I had my music in and I felt so amazing. It was my place to relax in the midst of my GCSE revision.

I’m also very fortunate that where I live in Cardiff is so near to the stunning Bute Park. It’s so magical because it is smack bang in the middle of the Welsh capital city. This endless expanse of green space filled with trees, rivers and daffodils is just beautiful. When the weather is nice and clear the walk along the paths are just so ideal to clear your head. I also run there occasionally to mix it up from going to the gym.

For me, being able to walk with no real agenda, no real purpose is so relaxing. Not having a plan of which path to choose next, or where I’ll end up is in a bizarre way calming. I think because I am the type of person that always needs a plan, to not have one is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Walking clears my mind, it puts me at ease and it makes me appreciate the world around me so much more. You get to experience the world away from your window or computer screen and really see just how beautiful it is. To be able to connect with nature is such a rare opportunity in such an age of technology and cities, so I always appreciate the chances I get.

Do you enjoy walks? Where’s your peaceful place?



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