Are You Body Positive This Summer?

Now I know the weather isn’t the best but it is still technically summer, so the question all over the media is “Are you bikini ready?” I say hell yeah! And here’s why everyone of all sizes, races and genders should be body positive this summer!

What have you got to lose?

Is there any harm in being body positive? I say no of course not! You can only gain from it! Being body positive means you won’t have to worry about going in the sea or having a dip in the pool. You won’t have to worry about what you’re eating or wearing you can just enjoy yourself!

You certainly don’t have to lose weight! Summer is a time of indulgent in my opinion! The ice-creams and the barbecues are some of the best parts of summer! So make sure you can enjoy them instead of watching your weight and what you’re eating! It’s a time for cocktails and partying and socialising with friends, if you can’t enjoy food and friends in summer when can you do it?!

Bikini’s and swimsuits are awesome!

I love a good bikini, and for years of feeling insecure in one particular one I decided this year would be the year I wore it and felt confident! It is the most gorgeous bikini ever but I always felt somewhat uncomfortable in it. I thought it showed too much tummy or my boobs looked weird but this year I wore it with pride and you know what? I couldn’t believe how much more I enjoyed my time at the beach!

You can get so many incredible prints and designs in swimsuits for everyone! Now is the perfect time for showing off your style and being bold! No one is bold and daring in winter, it’s too cold for that! Use the opportunity whilst you can and go crazy with colour and patterns!

Heat exhaustion is a thing

Little bit of a serious point but overheating can be seriously damaging to your body. It can cause nausea, headaches, tiredness, rashes and with some really serious effects. Trying to cover up in loads of clothes in the sun can affect your health. You need to stay cool in summer and being body proud and wearing suitable clothes is the best way forward!

People won’t be looking

You might feel like all eyes are on you, “Am I too skinny?”, “Am I too fat?, “Am I too pale?” etc etc. But trust me no-one will be thinking that. Think about it if the tables were turned; do you go around making these comments at other people? Of course you don’t! You’re too busy enjoying yourself or focusing on your own body! (And if you do make these comments, you seriously need to re-assess how you spend your time!)

And to be honest, if there are people thinking these things about you they obviously are bored with their own lives enough to be criticising yours! They’re not worth worrying about and I suggest you make them jealous by enjoying your summer to the fullest!

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should feel the need to cover up or not where the clothes they want because they feel uncomfortable about what people might think. This is obviously something that applies all year round but I find it gains special attention in the summer because of the media storm around being “summer ready”.

I want everyone reading this post to feel body confident this summer. Wear that dress you love but have been told it “hugs the wrong places”, put on that bikini or swimming trunks with the boldest pattern you can find. Embrace the gift of fashion and wear what you want when you want! That’s what being an individual is all about!

You are all gorgeous and have bodies perfectly designed for you and your life so make sure you enjoy yourself!


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