How To Build A Vision Board To Achieve Your Dreams

I am really on a mission to make everyone achieve their best selves and I think a vision board is such a great way to reach this goal! Vision boards are about creating that one space that is yours to dream and set goals! So I’m making one and thought it would be a great way to create a ‘How To’ so you can reach your dreams too!

Step One.

Find a space for your board. This can be anywhere as long as it’s in view and is big enough for all your goals! It can be a blank bit of wall, a pin board, a photo frame, basically anywhere you can put pictures up!

I’ve chosen the pin board in my study because it’s in front of my desk and I write all of my blog posts and run my business from this desk. It’s like constant motivation every time I look up!

Step Two.

Pinterest is your friend. I basically created my vision board on Pinterest first so I had an idea of the sort of images and themes I wanted and what my board was going to look like as the finish product!

You can check out my vision board on Pinterest here!

Don’t forget to have a mixture of images and quotes on your board as you’ll find they both inspire you in different ways! I love reading powerful quotes as they set my mind in motivation mode and the images give me goals to strive for!

And here’s some of my favourite images I’ve found for my board:

Step Three.

Once you’re happy with the way your board is looking on Pinterest, go ahead and print it off! Alternatively you don’t have to if you prefer having a digital copy of your vision!

Step Four.

Now that you’ve printed off your vision, it’s time to create it! Pin, stick, cut, draw and create your board. You can categorise your photos or just leave it random. Personally I’m creating a social/work split. This means that all of my personal goals such as travelling and family life are separated from my professional life of graduating university and earning money.

I think it’s important to separate this two parts of your life because otherwise they could become blurred and you lose focus on your goals. Mixing business with pleasure doesn’t always work and can lead to less success or even a deviation from your goals! I really work hard to maintain that my professional life doesn’t merge.

Step Five.

Your vision board will never be finished.

You will always be growing as a person and changing your ultimate goal. One year it could be family oriented, the next could be business orientated so it’s important to realise that a vision board is an evolution of your goals rather than set in stone!

If we were to create a vision board and never change it, we would never be able to adapt to our ever changing lives. We’d be forced onto a track that maybe two years ago was right for us, but now it’s not.

My goals and dreams have changed rapidly in the last few weeks, let alone the last few years so it’s important to keep this in mind.

My Vision Board.

You’re allowed to include whatever you wish in your vision board. For me, I wanted to combine my blogging ambitions with my business and academic ambitions whilst also including my life and future with my boyfriend Josh and my friends.

A vision board is personal to you. I wanted to put the Monaco Grand Prix on my vision board because it represents so much more than a race. It represents the vision and dreams of my boyfriend working in Formula One and me being there beside him supporting him every step of the way. The Las Vegas sign isn’t just about partying or gambling, it’s about me reaching my business goals within Arbonne and attending the conference there.

Every one of your pictures should have an underlying goal or dream like these. They should have a meaning deeper than the photo. That way when you look at it you won’t just see a holiday to Vegas, or an exciting trip to watch the race in Monaco, you’ll see the hard work, the ambition and the grit it took to get there. This will make your vision so much richer and meaningful when you reach it.

Send me pictures of your vision board! I’d love to see them!


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