How To De-Stress

Recently I’ve been feeling a little stressed, hence the blogging break. I’m so busy with all my work, building a business and finally having my boyfriend back from Borneo! I’ve had to take some ‘chill-time’ to get myself feeling back to my usual happy chilled self!

I thought I’d do my top ways to de-stress when you’re feeling tense or just need that me time to feel revitalised again! These are just ways I’ve found have helped me, and I hope they can help you in some way too!

Go to bed earlier!

This is something I really struggle with. My shifts at work often mean I finish late at night and it takes a while for me to unwind before I can fall asleep. I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort to wind down quicker when I finish work and to make sure that on my days off I’m using my time wisely.

Going to bed earlier means you will probably get a lot more sleep! Sleep means that your brain isn’t going to be tired and your mood will be a lot better! I think everyone can agree they can be a tad grouchy and/or negative when suffering from a bad nights sleep!

Try to get into a bed time routine and things should fall into place!

Have a bath/shower

Personally, nothing beats a nice long hot shower for me. There’s something about imagining all of my worries and stresses are being washed away by my soap and the water. I love spending time washing my hair and completely distressing my head and mind.

However, showers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re a fan of the bath have a hot soapy bubble bath or a Lush Bath Bomb experience might be just what you need to destress! I love listening to music in the bath or catching up on some random show on Netflix! I find I get bored fairly quickly in baths, hence my love for showers, but each to their own!!

Close your eyes.

Random one I know, but stay with me…

We all lead busy lives and can sometimes feel like we never have time to just pause and take a breath. What I like to do in these instances is just to have a minute or so of quiet with my eyes closed. I find it helps me feel a little more refreshed and calm! It’s like the ultimate power nap!

I tend to do this if I’m travelling somewhere, obviously not if I’m driving! But if I’m a passenger it’s perfect! Or just a moment when I’m sat down!

Do something you love!

In a world filled with so many things, where your life just doesn’t seem to stop, it can sometimes feel like you don’t have time for the things you love! It’s so important you set aside certain times whether it be each day of each week or each month for a set activity you enjoy!

For me, this is things like photography, reading or seeing my boyfriend. Just taking that time can really make me happy and completely transform my stress levels!

Attempt to find the reason for your stress.

If you find the cause it’s easier to eliminate the problem.

It can sometimes be hard to figure out what exactly is the cause for your stress. You could feel like you have everything under control and yet you lay awake night after night.

There are so many reasons someone may be stress; from money to work, to relationships and family. If you can’t figure it out and it’s causing you issues, make sure you talk to someone; whether it be someone you’re close to or a professional.

Sorry again for the blogging break my lovelies. As I’ve said I’ve been feeling quite stressed this last month but things have improved massively thanks to these tips! I’m going to change my schedule up slightly and aim to blog every Wednesday, but it’s a loose schedule as I don’t want to stress myself too much!




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