Once Upon A Gatsby Night…

Oops! A bit late! I need to get my act together so sorry! I know exactly what I want to write, just been far too all over the place to actually do it! So last week I went away to Birmingham for a few days for a work conference and well, it didn’t feel like work! If the motivational speakers doesn’t sound like fun to you, The Great Gatsby Party sure will!

Now before some of you switch off at the mention this was an Arbonne event, I’m not going to talk products or sales! Just about the experience and personal development and empowerment I experienced!

So what is this bizarre event?

With my Arbonne business, every year there is a National Conference. I decided to go along for several reasons; I was curious, I wanted to dress up all Gatsby, I wanted to learn and I wanted to boost my business. All of whigh were promised by the event! We went up on the Wednesday to get settled before it began and to try and hit all our goals. The vibe was insane and I knew I was in for a busy few days!

Day One

For my level the event didn’t begin until the following day so myself and a bunch of the other girls decided to go shopping in the one and only Bullring! I’d never been before and I’ll be honest I was blown away at it’s size! I thought St. David’s centre in Cardiff was huge!

I didn’t really buy much, but everyone loves window shopping and trying things on and it was such a great day to bond with some of the other girls on the trip, of which some I’d never met before!

In the evening the whole team went out for a meal in the one and only Frankie and Benny’s and it was great to chill out over cocktails and good food!

the night before gatsby at frankie and benny's

Day Two

The work begins.

9am we walk into the conference room to the sound of beatboxers on stage. Not your average work event! They got us all dancing and energy high ready for the day! I’m not a morning person so I certainly needed the waking up!

We settled into our seats, notepads out and ready to go!

Then came the speakers! I felt so privileged to be able to listen to some of the top people in the company such as our founder’s son Stian Mørck.

First off, we covered basic business things such as revenue and growth, all the boring stuff, and after that was done the good stuff began!

Hettie Gifford is at the top level in Arbonne. She started as a performer and now is an absolute icon in the business. Her talk was on leadership and I thought it was incredible. For a long time I have considered myself as a strong leader, but I realised I had a lot to learn!

We learnt about work/life balance and how to make it work and how to lead a team to success; skills that a relevant in any line of work!

“The key to success is about patterns and finding the good ones”

Looking back on past work is the best way to figure out what works and how to replicate that success!

Next up was Francis Haugen. Now this was a speech full of emotion and about never giving up! Francis’ story in the business was all stop start, whilst his partner Stuart Armfield never stopped. Francis talked about how you need to be consistent to achieve success, which is key in any field.

The talks continued throughout the day touching on all kinds of subjects but I felt so inspired by the end of the day ready in time for Gatsby!!

The Great Gatsby Party

Wow. What an evening! I absolutely adore The Great Gatsby film and was so excited when I found out there was a Gatsby themed party! I knew I had to be there!

Instead of rambling on and on about how great it was, I’ll show you through the art of photos!


It was the most amazing time with insane music and lots of laughs, including an injury for myself! I danced so hard I injured my toe with my heels! Oh well, the party carried on!

Day Three

The day started with a band playing all the classic karaoke songs at 9am in the morning! What a great way to start considering most of us had only had about 4 or 5 hours sleep! Needless to say it woke us up! This was then followed by some awesome people at the top of the company, where I learnt so much about how to coach others. However, the absolute highlight of the day was an outside speaker called Connie Podesta. This therapist turned comedienne sure knew how to get a crowd engaged! Connie was training us on how to interact with people. It sounds pretty basic but my goodness was it incredible!

She mixed brilliant comedy with social situations and character analysis and I don’t think anyone wasn’t learning whilst they laughed! We learnt what kind of “shape” we were and what this meant! If you had to choose between a square, triangle, circle and a squiggle, what would you choose? Comment below!! I chose a square then changed my mind to a circle!

I might reveal what these mean in a later post, but basically it describes your character and I have to say she was 100% spot on for everyone!

Everyone couldn’t believe it and was laughing in disbelief!

Then the goddess of Arbonne Sarah Dunning walked on to train and I don’t think there was one person in the room that wasn’t transfixed by her talk! We all felt so inspired!

So what did I learn?

  • Success only comes from looking in the past and recognising patterns
  • The best way to encourage your team to do well is to do well yourself
    • Lead by example!
  • Stop letting others limit your life – you own it!
    • No one is coming to save you!
  • “If you are uncomfortable, you are growing” – Sarah Dunning ENVP with Arbonne
  • Never stop growing!
  • “Inner strength comes from doing what you once thought you couldn’t do, not doing what you already can do!” – Hettie Gifford ENVP with Arbonne

I think, however, the best and biggest thing to take away from the entire event, and something that everyone should shout at the top of their lungs whenever they feel low is:


Sarah Dunning had us all screaming this out in the conference. It’s about being confident in yourself that will transfer into the rest of your life. You will always be enough, no task will ever be unachievable!

As I’m always taught in the business,

The only thing separating you from the person at the top is TIME

This can be applied to so many areas. If you’re annoyed your blog hasn’t hit the big time, other people have just been doing it longer; if you didn’t get that promotion it might be because someone else has been working for it for longer! Never feel disheartened as there’s always time to do more! There’s always time to move up!

If you want to see a video made on the conference click here!

Also, if anyone is interested in hearing more about the business and how you can become part of such a fulfilling exciting experience, either email me or contact me via social media.



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