Why I’m Obsessed With The Miracle Morning

the miracle morning

Have you read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod?

If you haven’t you should, and if you have, have you implemented it into your life? Because if you haven’t you should! To say The Miracle Morning changed my life is an understatement. You may be thinking, “oh that’s a tad dramatic”, but if you haven’t read it you can’t comment!

I was recommended it by my friend Charlotte after I mentioned in a conversation I was not a morning person. I proclaimed how “no matter what I tried I just can’t get up early in the morning and be productive”.

This I now know is because I was doing everything wrong! Below is a really brief summary of the things that I learnt and discovered from reading the book! I highly recommend reading it yourself to discover what you will learn about yourself too!

When setting an early alarm the night before I would be negative:

Gosh I’m going to be so tired tomorrow

I hope I get to sleep quickly or waking up will be horrendous

Getting up early is horrible but I have to do it

All of this language is wrong! I immediately made it hard for myself in the morning as I was already in a negative mindset! Your first thought in the morning is often linked to your last thought at night; so make it positive!

I’ve now implemented nightly affirmations to get me in the correct mindset for sleep, a small example of my nightly affirmations are:

The amount of sleep I’m receiving tonight is the perfect amount to start my day tomorrow. 

It’s a matter of mind over matter as my body is incredible and is able to function on any amount of sleep if I set my mind to it.

What time I spend waking is time living! If I want to live my life to the full and be the best I can be, I need to be living more! I need to be conscious to do this!

By getting up at xyz am I am developing the discipline I need to succeed in life.

By implementing these I’m in a much better mindset when I wake up. I feel prepared for the day and I have a clear plan of what I’m doing in the morning. I’ve found these nightly affirmations have altered how well I’m sleeping too! For someone that can find it hard to go to sleep sometimes, this has really helped me getting to sleep quicker!

There aren’t just nightly affirmations; there’s morning ones too! A small example of mine are:

I know that to do this, I must be willing to stay committed to my goals and doing what’s “right” (as opposed to what’s easy) at a level that I have never been committed before. 

I fully realize that I can sustain no success unless it is founded in truth and integrity; therefore, I will always keep the well being of others in mind and engage in no activity that is selfish or that does not benefit all whom it affects. 

Today and everyday, I choose to create the best day of my life. 

These set me up for the day in such a positive mindset! I highly recommend just trying out a few before you start the day, and you really will see a difference after daily practice!

So What Do I Do?

So in my Miracle Morning there are 6 steps, each with a 10 minute slot.



This is a moment for mediation, gratitude or prayer. How you use this is up to you! You can simply just breath if you want to!


As mentioned above these are such an important way to start/end your day! Make up your own and repeat them with pride!


What do you want in your future? Where do you see yourself? What will you strive for?

Make a list, visualise in your mind, or what I prefer, make a Pinterest board!


Get moving! It can be anything! I prefer yoga as I find it an energising way to start my day, but you can do anything! A quick run, press ups/sit ups or 10 minutes from a workout video. Whatever it is, make it fun and get your heart rate going!


Expand your mind and read! It could be anything you like, maybe that book you’ve always wanted to read and “never had the time”.


Write things down basically. I use this to write my blog most of the time, as I find I’m in that focused and inspired mindset and it means I’m doing little and often!


So I do these activities every morning as part of my Miracle Morning Routine! I get up, brush my teeth, have a glass of water the get into some comfy/gym clothes and get straight into it!

Are you interested in giving The Miracle Morning a go? You can head over to my Facebook Page to see how I’m getting on! Drop me a message as well if you want to find out more! Or of course get the book!



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