Time For A 30 Day Challenge!

Yes I know I’m being a super rubbish blogger recently! You have no idea how busy uni life has been! I’m not forgetting my little space on the internet, trust me, I’m often thinking of posts and photos for the blog! It’s just these thoughts are taking a while to actually materialise!

So in my last post I talked about empowerment, so I thought this week I would share with you a little journey and task I have set myself to complete over the following month. Now those of you that have been following from the start of The Printed Parade might remember the February of self-love series I embarked on, in just my second month of blogging. Well, I feel I need some TLC after how busy and rundown I have been in the last few months! Therefore, I have decided that over the coming 30 days I will be doing things differently!

I deserve to look after myself a lot more. When chatting to a close friend of mine a few weeks back, he asked me;

“What do you do for yourself? You always worry about other people, but what do you do for you?”

I took me a really long time to come up with things I do for myself. He set me the task that the following day I would do one thing for myself that made me really happy, and you know what I struggled to think of something for a super long time. I now try to, daily, do something for myself. Whether it be having a lie in, eating Nutella from the jar or simply dancing myself silly to my favourite songs!

However, something still doesn’t feel right. I’m doing these things but I realise they’re not what are really important to me. I want to make a plan to better myself, to make myself proud!

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make it official by writing it down because you’re 80% more likely to achieve a goal by writing it down rather than the 8% if it remains in your head.

I vow to you, my glorious readers, that I will every single day for the next 30 days;

  • Wake up and do my Miracle Morning with an extended session of yoga

  • Read personal development books daily

  • Eat healthy and at the correct time of day (I’ve got into a bad habit of eating too late!)

  • Dance my heart out to at least one of my favourite songs daily!

  • Commit myself to my studies and put in double the amount of effort than previously

  • Exercise regularly! I recently joined a Zumba class and despite being super uncoordinated I really enjoyed it! I’ve also become captain of my university Politics netball team!

I’ve forgotten how to look after myself in the blur of all the busyness! As much as I adore being busy, I need to love myself more! I need to remember the things that make me happy; seeing my friends, seeing my boyfriend and family, succeeding in the subject I love, writing my blog and taking photos! Plus I’m happier when I do these things than when I don’t so I should be doing them constantly! I should be waking up daily, raring to go!

And I say to you JOIN ME! I’ll be posting on my Facebook page with how I’m getting on so make sure your hop on for my Facebook lives and updates! I want to hear all about how you’re changing your life in 30 days!



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