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Monthly Archives: November 2016

I recently saw a really amazing Christmas advert for a German company and honestly it moved me to tears so much I knew I just had to act. I want to raise awareness for the message it told because it is honestly such an important one and something Iโ€™ve always felt strongly about! Advertisements


So as you’re aware I returned to university back in September, so now two months on I’ve learnt a lot. Not just on my course, but also in my general life so I thought I would share this with you today!

So I started my 30 day challenge back on the 26th October, you can read about what it isย here! After a week of making these changes I thought I’d give you a little update, you know keep you in the loop! I should also point out, this post is being written entirely during myย Miracle Morning! So they are written on the day, hence my tenses are a tad confusing haha!

For many students, trying to establish some sort of routine is near impossible. I remember my first year being a mess of waking up at 1pm and having writing essays at 2am. For ages I struggled to find a functioning routine that didn’t completely mess up my body clock, so I thought I’d share my top tips on setting a routine whist at university!