30 Day Challenge Update: 2 Weeks On

So I started my 30 day challenge back on the 26th October, you can read about what it is here! After a week of making these changes I thought I’d give you a little update, you know keep you in the loop! I should also point out, this post is being written entirely during my Miracle Morning! So they are written on the day, hence my tenses are a tad confusing haha!

Day One Of The Challenge

Always the hardest! My alarm went off at 7am rather than the usual 9am, so to say I was a tad annoyed to hear it blaring across my room is an understatement. However, I’m doing this for ALL the right reasons so I sucked it up and got going with my SAVERS. Despite feeling tired and having to fight off falling back to sleep again during my meditation I did it! I found an awesome new article with career advice for me, plus I actually managed to get some blog writing done which really makes me happy! Even though this is a bit too early for me right now I’m looking forward to making this a permanent change!

Day Two

Well, one thing that I have been really struggling recently is sleeping. It’s been taking me forever to get to sleep! But I’m so happy to say that last night I was asleep before midnight! Now this is a HUGE thing for me as usually I’m still awake come 2 or 3am! I think maybe it was to do with the early start yesterday or the fact that I’d tired myself out from stressing over Bake Off! So sad it’s over, and Andy you will always be in my heart! So all in all, getting up this morning wasn’t so tiring!

Although I did have a bad dream that my alarm woke me up from, so it took me some time to calm down before I got into my Miracle Morning. My yoga was so nice this morning, as I felt after that dream, I really needed it! I also added a little extra treat, so after I had my breakfast I treated myself to a face mask from Lush (Cup O’ Coffee if people want to know!) I feel this has been the best start to the day today and I feel so energised! Already can’t wait for tomorrow!

Day Three

Okay so I’ll be honest, today was a bit of a disaster. I could not sleep last night, and I have no idea why! I tried everything, all the tips and tricks! In the end I think it was sometime around 3am or 4 that I eventually fell asleep, so when my alarm went off at 7am I can’t say I was overly thrilled. In fact I did the exact opposite of what I should have done and turned it off and got back into bed and fell asleep…but who can blame me! So I slept for another couple of hours, got up did some Miracle Morning and off to uni I went.

So to be honest I don’t think I was totally rubbish because I still achieved everything I should of done, just like three hours later haha! Ah well tomorrow is a new day!

Day Six

So yes, I’ve skipped a few days because I don’t really think you’d all be interested in 14 entries that more or less say the same thing. I’ve done 6 consistent days of my challenge; you proud? And today is Halloween! Yay! I spent a little bit of my Miracle Morning this morning (visualisation) deciding what to do with my makeup for tonight! Despite having limited products with me, I think I did okay?!

challenge halloween make up

Day Seven

Well as mentioned above I did go out for Halloween, so my 7am alarm call was changed to 9am; which I still think is pretty good considering how tired I was! I got my Miracle Morning done and my day off to a good but very tired start!

Day Thirteen

Nearly at the two week mark and goodness I have been productive today! I’ll be honest, my Miracle Morning didn’t happen on day twelve as my boyfriend had come up to see me for the weekend and getting up early to do my Miracle Morning didn’t seem as appealing as going to get an amazing breakfast from The Cosy Club! (It was so nice, I had the Cosy Eggs and their Pink Lemonade which was just heaven in a glass!)

challenge cosy club pink lemonade mocha

But this week is a busy week for me! I’ve got deadlines galore plus loads of new opportunities this week! It’s all a bit manic so a productive start to my day is vital this week!

I haven’t quite got used to the early mornings yet, I don’t think it helped that I stayed up much later than I wanted to watch the new Planet Earth, which was so worth it!! (If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it now!) So I’m a little tired but have completely smashed my day so far with so much reading done and prep for this week, so I’m happy!



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