5 Things I’ve Learnt At University


So as you’re aware I returned to university back in September, so now two months on I’ve learnt a lot. Not just on my course, but also in my general life so I thought I would share this with you today!

Having A Timetable Is A Game Changer

It took me far too long to get my act together and make a time table – not just one with my lectures and seminars on, but one where I actually have what I’m going to do in between! I’ve organised slots for reading and writing and for learning German. This has allowed me to completely eliminate the funny 10 minutes of “what shall I do now?”

Keep Up To Date On Your Reading

I’ll be honest I’ve been a bit slack on occasions with my reading list. I’ve done so much better than last year, but there is still room for improvement! If you do a reading based course like me, it is essential you try to keep up to date or it sets the whole module out of whack!

Make Time To Exercise

I can’t stress how key this has been for me! At least 4 or 5 times a week I have regular classes and training sessions I go to, on top of my daily yoga. It has really been essential in giving myself that energy boost I need! You’ll feel so much better after pigging out on a takeaway knowing you went to Zumba or something before!

Don’t Commit To Too Much

Guilty! I have a list as long as my arm with all the commitments and things I have to do on a weekly basis and I have to be honest it’s wearing me down just a tad! I love being busy but don’t over commit, give yourself time to breathe!

Do What You Want, Not What You Think Others Want You To Do

This is the typical peer pressure point, but it is so key. You are your own person and that’s what is so amazing! So don’t feel like you have to conform to something or act in a certain way to make friends and have fun at uni. Uni is all about being yourself and learning the type of person you want to be, so let yourself explore that! Learn to be confident enough in your own conviction to say no to things!

So there’s my top 5 things I’ve learnt since being back at uni. I’ve also written before about what I’ve learnt at uni here and how to find a student routine!



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