2017 Here I Come!

Wow where on earth has the year gone?! I honestly am so confused as to how another 365 days have come and gone! It feels like yesterday that I was setting up my first blog over at The Printed Parade and here I am, a year later, a year older! I think in the standard blogger way I should outline my goals for the next year to hold myself accountable! I remember I was going to do this every 6 months, but unfortunately I lost the goals set back in June when I switched blogs! So who knows if I’ve achieved them or not!


I’ve had such a learning curve of a year and I can’t wait to see what the next rotation around the sun holds for me! University is already stepping up and I can imagine this will continue, plus I have the best summer ever planned with Josh!


Now, of course, not all of my goals for 2017 are blog related (I do have a life!), so I’ll break my goals into categories.


Blog Goals


I’ll start with these ones as I think they’re the easiest to define! As LaLiviLou is still so small as a blog because of my recent switch, some of the goals might seem a tad small despite the fact that I’ve been blogging for a year.I don’t want to rush things so I want to make sure I get things with this blog right!




It would be amazing to hit 2000 followers next year, at the time of writing this I’m not yet at 1000 (which I think was a goal in my 6 month post!), but I feel as though my blogging break over the summer damaged this progress! I’m back into blogging again so hopefully I can see those numbers rise! I just love connecting with new people over Twitter!




Again like Twitter, I love connecting with new people and I’ve recently seen my page likes go over 100! So let’s try and double this in 2017!




I’m just creeping over the 500 mark in followers on Instagram at the moment so I don’t know whether it’s too ambitious to go for 1000 in 2017?! I suppose if you don’t dream big, you never win! So let’s give that one a go! I’ve really loved bustling my Instagram page, it’s always been my favourite social media so I really put a lot of work into it!






Now it’s a little harder to put onto paper what I want this blog to achieve. It would be amazing to gain more readers and to interact more with other bloggers, so I’m just looking for continued growth and enjoyment for my blog in 2017!




So yes, I’m at university in my second year of a Politics and International Relations degree at Cardiff. This year really counts so I hope I continue my current success. I’m enjoying my current modules and can’t wait too start my new ones in the end of January! Bring on International Law I say!




I hope that I achieve a lot for myself in 2017. I hope that I continue to hold strong my same values and beliefs. I would love to finally complete a half marathon and to continue improving my health and fitness.


Looking forward, I hope my holiday next summer with Josh is everything I know it will be! I honestly cannot wait, it really will be the trip of my dreams! So prepare for lots of photos and blog posts!




I hope my friendships continue to grow and that I make more insane memories with them! I’m so lucky to have the people that I do in  my life!




Now these are all the silly random things I want to do in the next year:


Conquer (or improve) my fear of the sea


Read more books – I’ve set myself the task of reading 20 in 2017! (11/20 so far)


Get better at Spanish


Go vegan for a month (Achieved Feb 2017)


Do 20 continous proper push ups (As of August I am on 8 continuous!)


Be able to do a handstand and hold it


Try a new food (Achieved in January 2017 – it was Tofu!)


Run a charity event in my local area


Hit the first level in my Arbonne business


Write something for my university newspaper


Try a new sport/exercise class  (Achieved April 2017 – Kayla Itsines Programme)


I have so much I want to do I honestly could keep writing and writing on this post! I think it is so good to set goals and targets as they’re the best way to track your progress and move forward! It’s important to aim big with your goals but set little mini targets to help you get there! For example, with my social media followers, I have a rough goal per month of what I need to achieve to stay on track!


Obviously with goals like trying new food or a new exercise class you don’t need to have mini goals, you just need to go out and do it!I’ll be crossing off these goals as and when I do them so make sure you keep coming back to check my progress!


I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and that 2017 holds many happy memories and good fortunes for you all. Set yourself new resolutions and make this year the year you stick to them (I know it’s always so hard!)




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