Get Hygge With It

If you haven’t heard of hygge where have you been? (I should perhaps point out that hygge is not pronounced like jiggie but with a instead of a j, but more like hue-gah). This way of living has Danish origins but is completely applicable to every walk of life.

I’d read about it on loads of blogs and wanted to give my life some hygge so I was absolutely delighted when my little book of hygge ended up under the Christmas tree for me last year!

So what is hygge?

Plainly put it’s…

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special.

This is taken from Hygge House blog, and I have to say it’s a fab read for those that don’t have the book!

So basically living with hygge in mind is about appreciating the smaller things and making them more prevalent in your life. It’s not about making a cup of tea and just drinking it or just walking or driving to work; it’s about noticing how comfortable you are whilst you drink that tea and the warmth it makes you feel, or how peaceful you feel whilst breathing in fresh morning air when you step outside your house.


Hygge is being present and I think that is the most beautiful part about it.

Why is hygge so important?

We live in a world where everything is so fast paced so you lose the time to just be. To just be with those you love and enjoy their company without some added stress or strain on top. Without hygge we lose what it means to live, that freedom and peacefulness that comes with enjoying your own life.

I think it’s so important to remember that living a life means living in the moment and actually having fun. Life isn’t really about slaving away all day at the office only to pay bills and taxes and to collapse on your bed exhausted and repeat.

Life is about living and hygge is the way to do that.

Sometimes it’s just nice to slow down and enjoy the moment. I’ve consciously set aside time in my life to hygge and I have to say I can’t believe the difference it’s made. With my exam last week, I set aside the last few hours before I went to bed the night before for hygge. I took some time to light a candle, make a cup of tea and write in a journal and do some reading. I had the best night sleep I think I have ever had the night before an exam and I put that down to my hygge time.

How can you lead a hygge life?

So simply.

As I said, it’s about the small stuff. It’s about sitting down with a cup of tea and just being, reading a newspaper and being in that moment. There is no need to rush around or be doing everything all at once. You just need to slow down.

It’s about being comfortable and happy in that moment. I like to sit down with a cup of tea and write some blog posts; or even just sit and enjoy a cup of tea by the fire. Tea is my happy place, I am obsessed with tea and mugs and all things tea! It makes me feel happy and warm and I feel at home with a cuppa in hand. You could bring hygge into your life but simply just setting aside time to sit with your favourite drink and to just enjoy it.


Another way I make hygge part of my life is through yoga. One of my new year’s resolutions was to practice yoga daily and I’ve found that making this part of my day has really changed the way I think. I’m more peaceful and present in my day to day tasks.

Candles and warm lighting are other ways to simply be more hygge-ish. Just laying in bed with a film on surrounded by candles is always more enjoyable than with no candles. There’s something peaceful and warming about candles and they’re always perfect editions to a hygge moment.

Hygge doesn’t have to be done alone either! Taking a walk with a friend, or inviting family over for a meal are all ways you can enjoy hygge. Hygge brings about togetherness and belonging so work on the relationships into your life to make them feel more warm.

Basically bringing hygge into your life is adding comfort however that may be achieved. You could cover your bed or a sofa in blankets and pillows and cuddle up there of an evening, or read a book or go for a run. Achieving hygge is personal to you!

So why not give hygge living a try. Be more conscious and present in your everyday lives and start to notice the small stuff. Spend more time with loved ones and be more mindful in your tasks. Bring hygge to the forefront of your mind and see if you notice a difference.


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