Monthly Archives: February 2017

So three weeks vegan, one to go. And I have to say it has been so much better (and easier) than I expected it to be. I thought as I’m now this far in I thought I would give a little summary and a few recipes of things I have been eating over the week. A reflection if you will, what I’ve liked, disliked, learnt etc, etc. Now ***spoiler alert*** I won’t… Read More

So yesterday being Valentine’s Day and all, I thought it seemed relevant to write a post on love. But I’m not talking the sappy rom-com type, I’m talking self-love. I think Valentines Day is such a lovely day and I’m not going to lie, I loved the fact that I was able to spend last weekend celebrating with my boyfriend. It was really lovely to celebrate our love for each other with… Read More

I am the first person to admit I hate getting up in the morning. My desire to just stay in my warm cosy bed is so hard to over come. A repeat “snooze” button offender, I felt a need for a change. With my new semester at university just starting, what a better time to embrace the morning!

So today is my first day of being a fully-fledged vegan. I’m jumping in the deep end and going cold turkey (or does that phrase not work for vegans?) that means I’m not easing myself in, or having cheat days: I am now a vegan. Well, at least for the next 28 days. I have to say I’m super excited about this month, I’ve had to do a lot of preparation and… Read More