Veganism: Day One!

So today is my first day of being a fully-fledged vegan. I’m jumping in the deep end and going cold turkey (or does that phrase not work for vegans?) that means I’m not easing myself in, or having cheat days: I am now a vegan. Well, at least for the next 28 days. I have to say I’m super excited about this month, I’ve had to do a lot of preparation and research to ensure I’m ready!

Obviously when you go vegan you can’t just cut out all meat and animal products full stop. You need to replace them with alternatives to ensure your body is still getting all of the nutrients it needs. For example I can’t just not eat meat and live off of any old vegetables and fruit as I will be lacking in certain nutrients, so I need to ensure I get this from elsewhere.

I thought I would kick off this month with a little bit of information on why I decided to take part in a vegan month!

My motivation…

Well I guess you could say I have a few for this month, and maybe a few I will carry forth after the month is out, just have to see how things go really! I have done so much reading the last couple of months into veganism and I have to say it really has been an eye opening experience already!

Ethical Reasons

So I guess this is a big motivation for most vegans I have spoken to/read blog posts of. The inhumane treatment of animals in the agriculture industry from the chicken farms, to the dairy farms and to the meat industry all have pretty gruesome back stories. I guess there was a part of me that felt quiet naive about the whole process. When tucking into bacon or a steak I never once thought about how it got there on my plate. After watching Vegucated and Cowspiracy I really felt strongly about the way these animals were treated and slaughtered. I did some Googling and was shocked at the fact that even ‘free range’ eggs aren’t the idilic picture of hens roaming freely in fields. All it means is that there are a maximum of 12 birds per metre squared, which really when you think about it is still cramped! I always was so instant on buying only free-range eggs, and now I realise that doesn’t make a difference at all!

Although I avoid dairy for health reasons, I never before considered the way dairy milk is produced. Much like humans, female cows only produce milk when they’re pregnant. Therefore, female cows are forcibly impregnated on average once every 13 months. Imagine the physical strain this would have on the cow and her udders! As a result the average age of a cow is around 15-20 years, but a dairy cow lives to just 5 years old. Plus, so that the newly born calf doesn’t consume the milk, within 48 hours of birth, the calf is removed from the mother never to be seen again. Imagine just how horrific this would be.

Not to mention the horrific ways in which the animals are slaughtered for their meat as well!

Environmental Reasons

Despite President Trump being so adamant that climate change and global warming isn’t a problem/doesn’t exist, I listen to science, and it really is a major concern. The agricultural industry is the No.1 biggest contributor to water pollution, water wastage and greenhouse gases! The amount of water used to feed and maintain the animals is HUGE, so if you think that turning the tap off whilst you brush your teeth is helping the planet, you’re better off going for a veggie burger over a beef burger and you could be saving about 140x more water!

Personal Reasons

I love a challenge and seeing what my body can do, so I’m curious as to how the next month will change (or not change) my body. As mentioned in my previous post going vegan can have MAJOR health benefits so it would be nice if I could feel the benefit of some of those! I also want to see if I can do it! I’ll be going vegan with my health and beauty regime too so I’ve stocked up on all the ethical products I might need!

I’m so excited for this month!

 I should say, don’t worry every post this month won’t be veganism related! I’m a little bit hesitant about the fact that Valentines Day and Pancake Day both are coming up this month, so bring on vegan pancakes and I guess Josh will have to be vegan for a day (whether he likes it or not!). I’ll be posting on my social media how I’m getting on so make sure you check that out too! Bring it on I say!



5 thoughts on “Veganism: Day One!”

  1. Love this post! Good on you for doing your research and giving it ago! I’ve been vegan for a year, veggie for three and it didn’t take long for my body to not even want animal products. I love subsituting lentils where there would be mince, like red lentils in bolognese and green lentils in shepherds pie. I also have an delicious chilli recipe on my blog, if you like hot food 🙂

    Good luck, have a great Feb! xx


    1. Oh fab, I’d never had lentils at all until I trialled a recipe a few weeks back and I love them! Hadn’t thought about using them as a replacement for mince! Definitely will be checking out that recipe on your blog too! Ox


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