Top 5 Tips To A Hassle-Free Energised Morning

I am the first person to admit I hate getting up in the morning. My desire to just stay in my warm cosy bed is so hard to over come. A repeat “snooze” button offender, I felt a need for a change. With my new semester at university just starting, what a better time to embrace the morning!

Its always so much harder to get up in winter. The cold dark mornings are just no fun way to start the day, leading to the temptation of staying in bed those 10 minutes longer all too much. For me, I’ve found that effective night before prep is the essential way to get going in the morning. So here are my top tips to a hassle-free energised morning.

Get an early night.

The age-old saying that an good night sleep starts with an early night. Historically I have always been a bit of a night owl, so an early night for me is still around 11pm! Make your early night relevant to you, but the important part is going to sleep earlier than you usually would!

Take some time out in the evening to prepare for bed. This could be from meditating to reading a book. Whatever it is, make sure it isn’t necessarily screen orientated and is relaxing and away from your everyday stresses. I like to use the Calm app to help prepare myself for bed.

calm app relax

Don’t hit snooze.

So easy to do but so critical to the flow of the morning. Even though you feel like an extra few minutes is a good idea, quite often the interruption of your sleep as a result of the alarm going off and you hitting snooze may mean you are more tired as a result. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel so much more energised after a 6 hour continuous sleep rather than 9 hours of interrupted sleep.

And another app that is amazing for this is called Sleep Cycle. It runs over night and monitors your sleep and wake you up when your body is most awake! It helps me get up and is completely free!

Prep for the day the night before.

Again, pre-bed prep is key to feeling energised in the morning. Knowing you have everything planned and sorted will allow you to sleep more calmly and allow you to have a little longer in bed as you won’t have to faff around in the morning. There is nothing more stress-inducing than having to run around the house 2 minutes before you’re due to leave looking for your planner/keys/lunch/textbook etc!

Not only is it about packing your bag, you can also prepare your outfit for the day the night before. Have a couple of options, for different weathers, or even check the weather in advance! That way you won’t waste valuable time in the morning playing quick change!

Get up and MOVE!

Nothing wakes your body up more than movement! Whether it be a quick yoga session, a run, a walk or a spin class, get moving in the morning and you’ll be feeling more energised than ever! My go-to exercise? A yoga session gets me feeling bright in the morning! I roll out my mat and get straight to it and feel refreshed within minutes. It’s amazing to just shake off the sleepiness!


Have a breakfast you’ll look forward to.

I’ll be honest, I never used to have breakfast. I “never had time” but the truth is, that’s because I never made time! For me breakfast is now one of my favourite meals! I’m a sucker for porridge! Here’s a delicious recipe to get you ready for the day:


1 cup of oats

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of soya milk (or any non-dairy milk!)

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 banana

1 tbsp maple syrup

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

How to make

Put the oats, water and milk of your choice in a microwavable bowl, mix and put in microwave for about 2 minutes

(If you don’t have a microwave, combine in a pan over a medium heat and stir until thickened)

Chop up the banana into bitesize chunks

When the porridge is ready remove from microwave (or heat) and add the chia, maple syrup, banana and coconut

Voila! Done! Enjoy!

Porridge is literally the easiest thing in the world and takes literally a couple of minutes! You can try so many combinations of toppings: apple and cinnamon, berries, chocolate and banana…the list goes on! I live off porridge now! It’s cheap and easy and totally vegan!

So those are my top 5 tips to ensuring you have a hassle-free and energised start to your day! Try a few of them, or give them all a go and see if it makes a difference to your day!



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