3 weeks down, 1 to go…

So three weeks vegan, one to go. And I have to say it has been so much better (and easier) than I expected it to be. I thought as I’m now this far in I thought I would give a little summary and a few recipes of things I have been eating over the week. A reflection if you will, what I’ve liked, disliked, learnt etc, etc. Now ***spoiler alert*** I won’t be going vegan long term/full time. But I am going to try and incorporate it as much as possible into my everyday diet as I have felt some incredible differences in myself over the last few weeks, but I feel I would have difficulty maintaining it when going out with friends or round people’s houses for meals. I’m sure some vegans out there are frustrated at my reasoning, but for me I think eat vegan as much as possible is better than not doing anything at all!

So let’s talk about what I’m loving…

I have to say this list is longer than I thought it would be. Not that I was doubtful of the benefits of the vegan, but because I didn’t think I would experience some of them so quickly!

I have wayyy more energy. I am getting up so much easier and finding I stay energised for longer. For someone that can seriously lack energy I am impressed with myself! For example, on Monday I felt so rubbish. It was just one of those mornings, I had had such a busy few days which meant I didn’t get much sleep but I was still up at 7am to do my yoga and by lunch time things had turned around. Despite spending the entire morning dreaming about going back to bed, I went to the gym in the evening instead and felt so much better for it!

I’m loving the food too! I’ve cooked some really nice dishes; from simple tomato pasta to Thai green curries, coconut lentil dahl and even some homemade butternut squash cheese! My culinary skills has increased massively, and I am now one of those vegan cooking freaks, honestly, I even put courgette in my porridge now haha.


Things I’m finding hard…

I would have to say the hardest part of all has been the ‘hidden’ ingredients. Who knew milk and eggs were I’m so many things! Constantly standing in supermarkets for hours trying to find some biscuits with no dairy or egg. It has been quite frustrating that my food shop has increased a lot in time. No longer am I just “popping in” to the shops, instead I’m walking up every single aisle in the hope I’ll find some food. I mean having said that, I have been eating a lot healthier so I guess that’s a good thing!

Eating out has to be top of my list. I don’t eat out often at university, but even so much as a Domino’s is off the cards…It’s 3am after a night out and all my friends are shouting for is pizza…So off I trek along with them, only to stand yearningly looking through the glass at Dominos as I watch them making the cheesiest of pizza’s. That was not a favourite part of mine this month at all…


Am I going back to full on omnivore?

The answer is probably no. I know decisive, it’s a fine quality to have. I’m going to try and eat as much of a plant based diet as I can as I do eating this way. I’ve never eaten fish or any seafood, and I’ve never really been a raging meat eater, so meat will reappear in my diet but probably not at all when I’m at uni. As for dairy, eggs and everything else? Well I hardly eat eggs and have found some really awesome egg-free baking recipes so can still get my cake cravings satisfied.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I think bottom line is, I don’t want to feel guilty for eating something a vegan shouldn’t. I mean I’m human, I make mistakes, so I wouldn’t want to be vegan based on the guilt of breaking the veganism. I’m just going to eat as healthy as I can, and as ethically as I can, but if that means every now and then I have eggs in baking products or something I will.

I have to say, one of the things that really surprised me about the whole experience was the Vegan Facebook Community. I joined a load of groups back in January with the hope of finding some new recipes. But to my surprise it wasn’t like that at all. There were probably more posts of people criticising other vegans for being “not-vegan” than there were actual posts on ideas for recipes etc. I actually ended up leaving a group because a woman got so much backlash following a question on her riding her horses (apparently not vegan to ride horses…). So all this politics and rules and regulations actually kind of scared me off!

Everyone has the right to have their own diet, and their own views, so the need for respect even if you disagree is still important.

So one week left to go! I’ve got vegan burritos later so I’m rather excited…



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