4 Tips on how I organise myself everyday

Any one else seriously confused by how fast this year is going? Like it’s MARCH! I swear I only just got back to university, and now all my deadlines seem to be far too close for comfort! I don’t know why but the days just keep flying by, which is good and bad. Good because it means I’m closer to my holiday of a lifetime with Josh, but bad because it means my deadlines and exams are even closer!

I’ve really taken some time out this week to sort my life out. By this I mean I have finally taken steps to put things in place for my future; meetings with University tutors, careers services and career workshops are all filling up my diary. I love being busy especially for things for my future. With my life being so incredibly busy I thought I’d give some of my top tips on how to stay organised!

For anyone that knows me I am THE MOST forgetful person on the planet. I could be half way through a sentence and forget the end or remember something I need to do as I walk into my room but by the time I reach my desk to write it down I’ve already forgotten. It honestly frustrates me sooooo much so it really takes a lot of effort and work to even make it out the house in the morning sometimes! So I thought, well I can’t be the only one, so a list on how I’m organising myself (with varying levels of success) might be helpful for some people out there reading this!

Colour code to your hearts content

I am a colour coding maniac. I colour code everything, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. My planner has a key of about 11 different colours for different things in my life. It helps me stay organised because if I have to skim my planner for the location of a meeting all I have to do is hunt down the colour and DONE! It makes life so much easier and quicker and honestly it makes my planner look nicer too!


Meal plan!

I’ve only started doing this recently and I don’t know why I hadn’t sooner! Every Sunday I take some time out to plan what I’ll be eating through the week. As a student I need be able to budget well, so knowing exactly what I need before I go into the shops makes it so much easier to save money and stop impulse buys as I’m waiting in the queue! I always have a back up meal in the cupboard incase my plans change in the week or one day I just don’t feel like it. I also like to buy in bulk and cook a large portion, for example my vegan shepherds pie I cooked on Sunday lasted me until Tuesday night (plus I had two servings last night and the night before because it was so good!). By cooking in bulk it means I can cook once and have a meal for a few days; perfect for when I’m in a rush!


Write a to-do list everyday

The reason I say everyday is because sometimes you don’t get time to finish all of yesterday’s tasks, so rather than adding your new ones onto this list (which can look quite cluttered and messy) start a new one. The clean sheet will help you feel relaxed and more in control and writing a new list will help you think of the stuff you need to do that day, not what you forgot to do in the past. Use the to-do list and refer to it throughout the day so you can stay on track. Prioritise the tasks you don’t want to do first so they’re out the way and you can concentrate on the better ones.

Wear a watch

This is so simple yet I know so many people that don’t. I could not live without a watch and days when I forget to put it on make me all kinds of confused. Up until about 2 years ago the only time I wore a watch was when I was at work so I knew when I could go for my break and when I could go home (I know top employee right here), but ever since I’ve worn a watch daily I find everything just runs smoother. I find myself constantly looking at my wrist when I don’t have a watch on! It’s also a good point to add that in the last week 2 people have stopped me on the street to ask the time, both times I was in a rush myself. The first time I had a watch on, could quickly tell the lady it was 4pm and carry on with my rush to uni. The second time I’d forgotten my watch. Let’s just say it took me waaay longer to find my phone in my coat pocket, get it out, and look at the time. It also means you won’t have to be the person waiting around on the pavement for someone for you to ask the time!

Me, when I have time to spare on the way to university
Me, when I have time to spare on the way to university

So I am definitely not the most organised person in the world but I do a pretty good job at trying! I find it some what ironic and I’m simultaneously laughing and getting frustrated at myself as I thought today was Tuesday so had set aside time to finish this post…unfortunately my Tuesday is Wednesday and so sorry for the late posting! Next week will be better I promise!



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