International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, and today will be a day like never before. Usually, today would be about celebrating women and women’s history but this year things are going to be different. The organisers of the Women’s Marches back in January are calling for this year to be another day of action. And it’s something that every woman can take part in.

#ADayWithoutAWoman is the slogan for this years International Women’s Day. To quote from the Women’s March London Website:

Many women around the World will be choosing to participate in
A Day Without a Woman on March 8, something anyone, anywhere can participate in either by one or all of the following ways:

    • Wear RED in solidarity;
    • Do not engage in paid or unpaid labour.
    • Avoid spending money, with the exception of supporting small women and minority owned businesses that champion gender, racial and economic equity.

Tell us across social media what you are doing and please share on the day. Please also – if it is possible and safe to do so – tell your co- workers, neighbours and families what you are doing and why. Together our power is immense.

 As it says, how you choose to participate is up to you. I’ll be wearing my red top and red lipstick to support, along with avoiding spending money. I don’t actually work so wouldn’t be engaging in any form of labour either. It’s about doing what you can to show solidarity and support for women all over the globe.
You can also show support even if you’re a man! Wear red to show your solidarity!
I am so lucky to be surrounded by such strong and wonderful women. They empower me and I couldn’t feel more privileged to have them in my life.

These women are all incredible and have helped shaped me into the the person I am proud to be. This whole platform is about empowering people to be the best version of themselves, and I’ve learnt from the best!

So this International Women’s Day celebrate you and all the women in your life, but also show solidarity for those that need it.

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