Know Your Knockers: Do You Check Yours?

Today’s post is slightly different to my recent ones, but it is probably THE most important post I’ve written and probably will ever write. That’s because today I’m talking about boobs. Yes, boobs. But not just how awesome they are, but how knowing them could potentially save your life. And I think that’s pretty damn important if you ask me.

This is a post EVERYONE should read. Male or female. This post is about breast cancer and what you can do for at least 5 minutes every month, anyone can get breast cancer, not just females!

Not long ago, after hearing about one of my university’s societies called CoppaFeel, I realised that I was never taught how to check my boobs. Obviously, I see them every day, they’re always there, but I never really look at them. I guess I was always a little ill-informed on what I was looking for. I just thought if you had breast cancer you would just see a lump on one of your breasts. I didn’t know this lump might not be visible, or that other signs of breast cancer even existed. To be honest, I think this shows a MASSIVE flaw in our education system. Yes, we all did sex education and learnt about our bodies, but I never learnt the one piece of information that could actually save my life. (But please ask me about the different parts of a plant cell and i got you covered!) It seems a bit of a joke that at nearly 20 years old I didn’t know this information, so I thought now that I’ve done my research, I should share it with you.

There is so much information out there on the internet about boob checks, but it just isn’t publicised enough. So I’m going to compile a list of some of the best places for information and some awesome sites to check out too!

First things first…

How often should you check your boobs?

Ideally, at least once a month.

It’s important to try and do this on the same day every month where possible as your boobs can change over the course of the month. The menstrual cycle can affect breasts, so an ideal time to check them is on (or around) the 4th day of your cycle.

Men it’s important you check them once a month too!

How do you check your boobs?

There’s a couple of ways to do this. One way is lying on your back and to raise one arm. This gives you access to all of your breast tissue. You can also do it when standing, but laying down gives you the best access to all of the tissue.

What are you looking for?

As I mentioned, I thought I was just looking for any lumps, but there are lost of this to look out for! Luckily CoppaFeel have explained this all below!


Useful sites and videos

There are absolutely loads of stuff out there on the internet to help educate you on your boobs. I thought I’d compile a few things to help make it easier. Make sure you share them with friends and family!

How to check

CoppaFeel! Rochelle Humes and Greg James Boob Check

BuzzFeed’s Boob Check Video with Ladylike

NHS Help Page explains a self-exam

When to check

Monthly Text Message From CoppaFeel! To Remind You To Check Your Boobs

What to look for

Picture and article showing what to look out for


I think every single human should be checking their breasts: male/female, young/old, everyone has breast tissue so everyone should be checking for signs of breast cancer. Start teaching your children how to do it too to help them create a life-long habit. Knowing your breasts and what to look for could save so many lives through early detection of breast cancer.

Please share this post with as many people as possible to educate as many people as possible on how to check their breasts!



5 thoughts on “Know Your Knockers: Do You Check Yours?”

  1. Really good advice. Having lost both testicles to cancer at the age of 22 without having ever checked mine until almost too late, I can add that guys should be checking their balls, too. Once again, great advice.


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