7 Things I’ve Learnt From University

I cannot believe I only have one more week left of lectures for this academic year! That means one more week of lectures before I officially have to be panicking about exams! This year is going crazy fast, and after spending some time thinking about this past year in particular, I’ve realised I have learnt so much about the world around me and myself. As with any blogger, I, therefore, would like to share these 7 things with you!

There is more to life than pesto pasta

I think in one of my previous posts on university I described having a very limited kitchen cupboard. However, as much as this is still true, I have become far more the chef than I was last year. Whereas last year I could count the amount of spices/seasoning I owned on one hand, this year I don’t have enough limbs to cover it! I’ve expanded my cooking repertoire massively; I think going vegan for a month was one of the big factors, and having to cut out dairy from my diet altogether. It meant I had to plan my meals so much more and now, rather than seeing me feast on a diet of only stew, pesto pasta and Bolognese, you can see me eating homemade veggie burgers, coconut lentil dahl and Moroccan chickpea soup!

I may be a culinary expert, but occasionally tragedies like this accidentally appear…I mean what even is that?! (and yes that is vegan cheese)

The friends you make will be…special

I have made the most fabulous friends at Cardiff, ones I feel so grateful for! I have to say bonding with people whilst carrying them home after a night out at a society conference is definitely a unique way to make friends for life! The laughter is constant and staying up until 4am laughing at drunken housemates together is definitely something to cherish. The friends that are always there for you and you know you’d do anything for. The friends that you’ll make because you’ve awkwardly sat next to them for the fourth lecture in a row so you should probably say hello. One thing people always used to say to me before I went to uni, that the friends I make here will be friends for life, and boy is that true.

Sums us up rather well I think!

Stop worrying about what people think, because no one really cares!

I mean this in a positive way! I stressed for months about not going to lectures in my tracksuit bottoms. I wear them constantly around the house, to Tesco, to the library, so why are lectures any different? I would put on my skinny black jeans and be too hot for the whole day because I didn’t want to be that girl that turned up in trackies. But then, I realised, who on earth cares?! People at uni are so diverse and expressive. People dress how they want to dress, so I made the decision to wear my tracksuit bottoms and a jumper to a lecture and guess what? Nothing happened, except I was so comfy it was unreal! University is about finding the person you want to be and being comfy in your skin. I am a confident person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care what people think 100% of the time! Just be you and things always fall into place!

Textbooks will break your back, to avoid injury, work from the library!

I like working at my flat, so I would make the trek to the library and full on DofE it back with the weight of the textbooks crushing me. I would be determined that this was the best way to work because my main library was always full so it was pointless trying to work there. However, universities tend to have more than one library, well Cardiff has, so I started to use these instead, the quieter ones. It’s amazing how much my back hurt less and how much more I studied! They should start a library campaign with “Use libraries, stop back pain” as the slogan (well, actually they shouldn’t because that’s a really bad slogan but you get my point).

All of this for one paragraph in my essay. Yes, you read correctly: 1 PARAGRAPH

Societies are so much fun, they’re like their own reality show

I’ve signed up to many more societies this year and as a result I’ve made so many new friends. University has a gazillion societies for a reason so get involved! They’re also THE BEST place if you’re a fan of reality shows, all the gossip of who’s getting with who, who’s running in elections, it’s all there! They make for a good laugh and a great way to get new opportunities and experiences.

A trip to Parliament through one of the societies

Being organised is so much better

This semester I seem to have wanted to try out opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to my essays. My first one I spent weeks planning and managed to submit it a week before it was due: utter bliss that was. My second essay, however, was a three day panic of switching essay titles, not being able to find books and late nights, submitted the night before it was due. Now let me ask you, which one do you think I enjoyed writing more? I mean nothing says uni quite like crying in a coffee shop because you got your lecture time wrong due to essay stress eh? I mean in those three stress filled days I managed to drop my phone down a toilet, forget my laptop for my lectures to take notes, forgot to do a food shop, cried in a coffee shop and actually had to debate whether I could cry in the library, only to decide against it because I was sitting in the quiet zone…Ah uni. I feel like it’s somewhat obvious but my brain tends to fry itself when I don’t organise myself properly. Therefore, don’t do a me and panic write essays. I mean I haven’t got the results back for either yet so who knows what will happen!

Spend your money wisely

I mean I don’t preach this all the time, I bought a dominos at 4pm yesterday because I couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs and microwave a meal I’d already prepared. But the majority of the time it’s good to stay sensible with money, no one likes to be close to their overdraft limit! Rent, deposits and bills are always going to haunt you every single month so don’t forget to budget for these too!

So as you can see I’ve learnt a fair bit from uni and I still have one year to go! Scary stuff!



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