My Daily Skin Care Routine

vegan cruelty free skin care

One thing I have always struggled with is my skin. I have oily, dry, spot prone and sensitive skin, so you know its fab…It has taken me so long to find a routine that works for me and I’ve found that by combining diet changes and different products my skin has improved massively. I know I’m not really a beauty blogger but I feel this links into wellness which I do like to write about. I think confidence in what I’m putting in and on my body is safe is so important so for any of you out there looking for vegan and/or cruelty free products to help with you skin this might just be the post for you!


Let’s start with the beginning on the day (makes sense really), I do my morning skin care in the shower as I can be quite lazy in the morning so two birds one stone! What I do in the morning can sometimes vary so I’ll break it down for you.


Every single morning in the shower, without fail, I use my cleanser and toner. I use it every single day and am only just on my second bottle since discovering it in June last year, so this stuff lasts so well! It’s mainly for oily/combination skin and with it’s lemony smell I find it so refreshing in to start off my day! I usually use this whilst I leave my conditioner in. I squeeze a pea sized amount out and lather it up on my face and neck, leave it for a few seconds then wash off when I wash out my conditioner. My skin feels so much less oily its fab!

Once a week

I love me a good face mask! So once a week, before I get into the shower I apply one of my three favourite masks:

Mask of Magnaminty  – This is so nice and minty on my skin (in case the name didn’t give it away!) It makes my skin feel so fresh. I’m quite sad actually, I’m so so close to finishing this tub! Oh well, an excuse to try a new Lush face mask!

Cup O’ Coffee  – Now for someone that doesn’t actually like coffee this was an interesting choice! It’s smell and feel on my skin is such a nice way to wake up my skin in the morning though!

Exfoliating New Cell Scrub – This is the same brand as my cleanser and toner so I love the fact that it compliments that well plus with the same lemony smell! This product is actually a scrub so you can just apply and wash off, however, I prefer to put a little bit more on and leave it to harden to form an energising mask.

All of these masks I wait to harden and then wash off in the shower and follow with my cleanser and toner to make sure my face is super refreshed!

Out the shower

Once I’ve finished all the washing of my face I move onto my three step  moisturising routine.

First up is a gentle daily moisturiser. I use a pea sized amount of this and put it all over my face and leave to soak in.

I then follow this up with a serum as to ensure my skin is locking in all the moisture it can. I am prone to dry skin so I like to ensure my skin gets all the help it can get! I then follow this up with my soothing eye gel. This one in particular is a life saver after a night out when my eyes are puffy from being tired!

Every night before bed

To take off my makeup I use the fourth product in the range mentioned above: the gentle daily cleanser. I use one pump and lather it up and apply it all over my face and neck (including my eyes!). I have the most sensitive skin ever and using this to take off my eye makeup doesn’t hurt or cause any irritation. I then use warm water and a flannel to wash it off.

Then just as I get into bed I cover my face in coconut oil, like literally cover myself haha. I then leave that over night as an intense moisturiser. Some people might not like the oiliness whilst they try to sleep so you can leave it for a bit then wipe it off, or just use a bit less.

So there we go, my vegan, cruelty free skin care routine!

I hope people like reading this, I love reading about other people’s routines so thought I’d share my own!


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