Monthly Archives: May 2017

As a way to escape from the stress that is exam season, I found myself binge watching Netflix. But not rubbish TV shows: documentaries. It’s been so educational watching and learning new things about the world we live in. After seeing Sarah post on instagram from The Scarlett State about the documentary A Plastic Ocean I decided to give it a go. Advertisements

This quote from Ghandi really jumped out at me recently. It was used in the Minimalism documentary I wrote about in my last post and ever since I saw it I just can’t get it out of my mind.

So my last post actually inspired me. I was shocked and appalled at myself for my utter reliance and, let’s call it, addiction to my phone. And as I said, I don’t think I’m alone in this situation. Part of my nightly routine is snuggling into bed with a cup of tea to watch a film. Whereas previously it would be some crappy rom-com that 9/10 would put me to sleep. Recently,… Read More

Ah yes, my scatter brain strikes again. On the morning of my first exam last week I made the stupid decision to put my phone in the washing machine. Well, I say decision, it wasn’t until a good few minutes into the cycle that I realised that that banging noise was in fact my mobile, as opposed to “a heavy item of clothing” like my brain thought…Oh how I love myself for… Read More

feminism feminist

For those of you that have followed me for a while, you might recall that I wrote a blog post on Why I Am A Feminist back in the day. But I feel, that although the post is still incredibly relevant, both myself and the world have changed since it was published and so I feel an update is necessary. This is because in that year (or whatever time frame it is)… Read More