Things I’ve Learnt After Putting My Phone In The Washing Machine

Ah yes, my scatter brain strikes again. On the morning of my first exam last week I made the stupid decision to put my phone in the washing machine. Well, I say decision, it wasn’t until a good few minutes into the cycle that I realised that that banging noise was in fact my mobile, as opposed to “a heavy item of clothing” like my brain thought…Oh how I love myself for that one…

So that one decision, changed my week rather drastically. It actually feels somewhat sad writing this. I always say how “I don’t use my phone THAT much”, but in reality it has taken me putting it through an express wash and dry for me to realise that I use my phone far too much. Yes mum, if you’re reading this, you’re allowed to say I told you so…

But it really is crazy!

The first evening of being phoneless I read an ENTIRE book. Yup, one whole book in a few hours. Do you know the last time I did that? Me either, because I can’t remember! I just could not believe it when I closed the final page, without a phone I had no distractions. I didn’t feel the need to check instagram or tweet or scroll aimlessly through Facebook. I just read. I have so many books that I claim “I never have the time to read”, well I got news for myself now, I do have time!

And wow, I can feel my younger self (well myself before washing my phone) screaming at me right now. I never thought I would actually admit out loud how reliant I am on it. So there you have it world, it’s in writing!

I have to say though, there were many things I found difficult without a phone.

Number one, I realised I knew no one’s phone numbers apart from my home phone…which is great an all but if no ones home thats it, I’m stuffed! I felt stressed leaving the house, my over anxious brain was panicking some super irrational things like “today is the day you will get lost/kidnapped/fall over and hurt yourself and you won’t be able to do anything about it”. Silly I know to think these things, but that’s what my brain does! I guess having a phone is almost like a safety blanket to me. I feel more secure knowing that anyone is just a phone call away.

One thing that changed this week was that I didn’t socialise as much as normal, and if I did I made sure I was with someone at all times. Even going to the gym was sad because I couldn’t listen to the music and just had the sound of me incredibly out of breath and the other gym users grunts, which let me tell you are not the most motivating sounds in the world…

It’s weird feeling slightly disconnected to everyone. In a world where we all rely on communicating with each other, to take a break from it all is a bit confusing. When I wake up in the morning I’m not reaching for my phone to get updates on what happened in the world whilst I slept, instead I’m getting up and dressed and down the library ASAP. The only down side is as a politics student it’s a little harder to keep up with the news than what I’m used to, so I’m having a small delay on that!

I’ll be dead honest, even though I feel somewhat ashamed to say it, for the first day or two I actually felt panicked that I hadn’t posted on instagram..yup I said it…My blog is so important to me and I love growing a following, one of the ways I do this is through instagram. I work so hard to engage with other users and so a week or so without a phone I was initially worried about all my hard work being lost. However, I have come to terms with it now, I put it in perspective and now to be honest, so what if my followers go down?

There are more important things in the world.

It really has made me realise I have all my priorities proper messed up. But I know I’m not the only one this way. Us millennials are incredible, we’re driven and motivated and despite the difficulties we face we are really storming it. But, life is too focused on the little things. Social media like instagram is a highlight reel. Although I NEVER airbrush or alter the way my body looks in photos, cellulite and spots are a thing and everyone has them so I never brush it out, but I do filter and edit the lighting in my photos. I take a million plus selfies before I’m happy with the one I’m going to post. We all do it, and to be honest, no one cares!

I don’t think I’ve ever been up and ready as early as I have been this week, and the only change has been my lack of phone. It is unbelievable how many hours I waste on that thing!

Fortunately, I think if there was a good time to give your phone a deep cleanse, this is it. I have most of my exams going on at the moment, and apart from the odd break to message people of Facebook to let them know I was alive, I have NEVER been more productive! So I guess I’m just trying not to cry at the amount it will cost me, but I feel this does have a silver lining!

The bottom line is twofold; one, you should always check your washing before hitting the on button of the machine and two, phones are amazing but they’re also the worst.



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