“Be The Change You Want To See In The World”

This quote from Ghandi really jumped out at me recently. It was used in the Minimalism documentary I wrote about in my last post and ever since I saw it I just can’t get it out of my mind.

It seems so blatantly obvious and yet at the same time we all forget about it. I’ve been up to my eyes in revision recently for exams, but at the same time I’ve had to think about life choices, career plans etc. And I suddenly realised, to be honest when I probably should have been revising but hey it was a powerful moment, that what I wanted from the world was only going to happen if I go out and make it.

People may think it is incredibly cliche to use phrases like you are the master of your own destiny or you get out what you put in but the reason people say them is because they are true. If I laze around all day and don’t revise, chances are I won’t pass my exam, I certainly won’t be getting a top grade. This applies to everything.

I started to think during one of my revision breaks about what I really wanted in my life. I think if you ask anyone they’ll say happiness. But what is happiness, how do we get this elusive feeling of satisfaction. Well, one things for sure, if you don’t feel it now, if you don’t change anything, you won’t feel it.

There are numerous things I want to do with my life.

If I were to write a list this post would be far too long. But the reason I would want to do all those things is in the pursuit of happiness.

I want to see the world to learn more about the Earth that I am living on. Explore new cultures and places and become connected to this planet.

I want to get healthier and learn to respect my body and treat it the way it deserves. Our bodies are the most incredible things, so we should look after them. From someone who has faced mental health battles, listening to and loving my body more has really helped me become more calm and in control in my life. I want to live a long and healthy life, and I don’t mean doing this by punishing myself through harsh restrictive diets, but through nourishing myself with micronutrients and through regular exercise. I am 19 years old and I should be at my healthiest, so that is what I’m going to do!

But for me I think one of the things that is really at the top of my life to do list, is to inspire others. Even if, after reading one of my posts, only one person decides to empower themselves and make a life choice for the benefit of them, I will have achieved so much more than I ever wished with this blog. To have people come and talk to me, like they have in the past, about how a particular post has helped, inspired, or made them feel happy, then for me I couldn’t be happier. As much as I write this blog for me, I write it to be read so it’s always amazing to know people like it.

I, right now, am strong. And that is because of the decisions and choices I have made. I have been bullied, felt scared, fallen below expectation, and battled with anxiety. But you know what? I wouldn’t change any of that. The person I was a year ago was still great, but I’m even better today. Now I’m not being arrogant, I’m just being confident in my ability to love myself. We live in a world, a society where being proud of yourself or celebrating an achievement is frowned upon for being boastful or arrogant. I say enough of that! If you work hard and get the results, be proud!

So what does it exactly mean to be the change you want to see in the world?

That’s kind of for you to decide. If you want happiness, don’t wait for it to come to you, because tomorrow never comes. Wanting something doesn’t make it happen, you have to work for it.

For me, it means continuing with this blog. It means hoping to inspire just one more person if I can. I know I’m only small, but you got to start somewhere right?



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