Steps I’ve Taken To Minimise My Life

For those of you that read my post on Minimalism, here’s a little update for you! (If you haven’t read it, it might make sense to first!) I’ve been taking steps to de-clutter my life, I’m proud of the progress I’ve made so be proud of me too! Haha, well you don’t have to be, but here’s what I’ve done in case you’re interested in making some changes yourself!

I think it kind of comes coupled with how I’m trying to reduce my plastic waste. I’ve been recycling a lot of the clutter in my room so thats a start! The steps I’ve taken are small, but everyone has to start somewhere!


As the idea in my Plastic Free post suggests, I have recently invested in a really cute canvas bag (I got mine from Tiger if anyone is interested, they have a nice selection for very low cost! #NotAnAd) This now comes with me everywhere! I use it clothes shopping, food shopping, going to the Post Office, the list goes on! I either use it as my main bag or I fold it up and keep it in my handbag or rucksack in case I need it! Having this not only as reduced the amount of plastic bag waste I create, but it has also meant I don’t have loads of plastic bags just lying around collecting dust!


As a student, I have lots of books. Textbooks lecturers promised me I needed to pass the course, that I’ve never actually used and still managed to get 2.1’s. So I found a way to declutter AND reuse/recycle these! There are loads of sites online you can either sell or donate your books (non-fiction or fiction) and they’ll be either resold, or recycled into new books! Last week I sent of about 7 of mine that were just collecting dust on my shelves and already my space just feels less chaotic! It also means that other students can use them without having to break the bank!


This is one I’ve done a couple of times. There’s stuff I’ve got lying around I’ve never used, so it seems pointless throwing it away because it’s in such good condition, so ask your friends/family/colleagues/neighbour if they need anything. I’ve given some of my unused/unwanted items to people in my life. Plus not only do I free up space, but someone else got to have an item to add value in their life!

Another way to do this is donate! Getting rid of all those clothes I never wear anymore and donating them to charities, not only makes more space in my wardrobe BUT the best part is those clothes are going towards a worthy cause!

Throw it away!

How many of us have “that drawer/shelf/cupboard”? You know the one, the one that’s just filled to the brim with old paper, receipts, letters, bank statements etc. It’s time to tackle that drawer. It can take just 5 minutes to sort! Most banks offer paperless statements, so consider switching to these if you don’t want piles of old statements lying around. Scan into your computer any documents you know you may need, so you can print them off or email if you ever need them.

I hope those tips have helped you today! Let me know if you want any more!



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