20 Things I’ve Learnt In 20 Years

I turned 20 last week! I really don’t feel in anyway shape or form feel old enough to be, as my boyfriend has lovingly put it, “half way to 40”. But then I guess does anyone ever really feel their age?

I should also apologise for not posting last week! I was meant to post but I was bad and well just didn’t. So sorry about that!

As I’m now 20 and no longer a teenager I obviously matured overnight and became fully wise in all things life. So as I’m all about tips and tricks I thought I would share with you some of the things I’ve learnt during my time on this planet. Some are straight up practical whilst others are a little bit more obscure.

Being wrong is okay.

This took me quite a while to get I must admit (and sometimes I’m still learning). I was always that girl that always had to win an argument. Great for the debate team, not for general life. Taking that time to go “hey Liv, you aren’t right here” was so helpful because it meant that I actually learnt things!

Take more risks.

If you ask anyone if I’m spontaneous/take risks/rebellious etc…they would probably laugh. I am definitely not any of these things. Now, of course this isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean that there are things I wish I had done but was too scared. I live by the motto of no regrets so don’t regret not doing them, but just think next time I want to say yes to more things. I’m not saying just go and jump out of plane or run a marathon with no training, because I think those may be a tad too risky to just do at a whim. But what I am saying, is don’t be afraid to say yes more!

Don’t be scared of saying no.

Kind of contradicting the above point BUT it will all become clear. I’m a yes girl when it comes to a lot of things (apart from jumping out of planes). I’m that person that will do anything if someone asks. Being a yes person is nice to be, but it does have its downsides. I’ve found some people unfortunately tend to abuse this. So learning to say no is sometimes okay if it means you’re not damaging yourself as a result.

Not everyone has to like you.

Again, another one I’m still fully getting to grips with. I want people to be happy, so sometimes I try to achieve this at the expense of my own. Learning to prioritise myself over others is probably the biggest thing I’ve had to learn. This isn’t about having complete disregard of others feelings, but it’s about putting everything into perspective.

Love yourself always.

And love every part of you! You’re the only you you’re ever going to get so make sure you treat yourself right! Indulging in self love and self development is the only way to really get the best out of life!

feminism feminist

Read more.

When I read I just feel so much more relaxed. I feel as though for that moment everything else just is less busy. Whether I’m reading a gripping crime thriller or a more relaxed book I feel so at peace. For me reading has given me time to look after me. It’s like meditating but with words.

Find your hygge.

As I have talked about in one of my favourite posts, finding your hygge can help you find your happiness. Read the post if you want some more on this!

Learning about your body can be super helpful.

I never had really listened to my body. I’d just gone through the motions. Even when my anxiety or stress was high I’d just plod on as if everything was cool. Learning to watch out for the signs of when your body needs a recharge or something new can really benefit you in the long run. I have never felt happier than I am right now and a lot of other things in my life are benefitting as a result!

Research a diet/lifestyle that works for you.

Cutting out dairy and eating a mainly vegan diet has done wonders for my body. I worked out what works for me! I’m less tired, sleep better, and I just generally feel all round better. I’m not saying this diet is what everyone should have, but don’t be afraid to experiment with your foods to find one that works for you!

Saving for your future is a good idea!

I’m a spender. A net consumer. Someone who is single handedly saving the economy. I just can’t help it, so I claim. But learning to save is so important. In the last few months I have been rather unlucky, both through my own stupidity and through bad luck in that in the space of a few weeks my car broke down and I put my phone in the washing machine in amongst a load of other extra costs. Having savings means these costs aren’t nearly as scary/annoying as they could be!

Plus at the rate the economy is at the moment, I’m going to need A LOT of money if I ever want to have a house of my own.

Be politically aware.

This one I CANNOT stress enough. Okay, I am a politics student, but politics is SO important. If this last election has taught us anything it’s that small actions can have big effects! Be politically aware! I’m not saying you have to go out campaigning for your chosen party, BUT I am saying, know what the hell is going on! The amount of people I know that had no clue about politics worries me: IT’S YOUR FUTURE! Even if it’s just watching the news once a day, it’s something!

Know your print.

Taken from Sarah from The Scarlet State, knowing your print and what you do to the environment is so important. Walking instead of driving, switching from disposable to reusable, they all have their impacts! So know what sort of footprint you’re leaving behind and do what you can to help! This planet is for all things not just humans.


I wish I had discovered meditation earlier, its completely changed me. It’s allowed me to have more focus and more time and just to feel so much more at peace. Using an app like Calm really helped me (you might see some of their quotes on my instagram!).

Do what you love.

I love this blog. I love what I’ve created and everything it’s helped me achieve. It’s helped with confidence, my vision, and so much more. If I were to listen to every single person that criticised this blog I would not be writing this over 18 months later! Doing what you love and sticking with a passion is so worth it! Don’t listen to the haters!

It’s okay to indulge.

Whether that be in crappy films, tubs of nutella or clothes from your favourite shop. Having time to yourself to indulge your cravings is necessary!! Allowing yourself to have these moments means you won’t be filled with stress and annoyance at yourself for restricting yourself (yet another reason why I hate fad-diets!). Just don’t make too much of a habit of this indulgence or it’s not an indulgence anymore!

Laugh often.

Even if it’s at yourself. Not taking life too seriously makes the day seem so much lighter. Getting up in that crowd and dancing to Little Mix is sometimes the only way a day can go, so do it with passion and confidence! Taking life too seriously just makes everything so much tougher.

Live in the moment.

Super cliche but that’s me! Just don’t forget to experience things. Too many times people miss things because they were scrolling on Facebook or trying to take a photo. Just be present! How many people have photos on their phones we forget we have? And never look at? I know I have a ton! Sometimes it’s okay not to document every little piece of something, just experience it for what it is.

If in doubt, always have dessert.

Quite possibly the best tip on here. You know that moment of the “should I? shouldn’t I?” debate? Well, I would always go should because then you never regret not knowing how good that sorbet could have been. The only time I don’t have dessert is when there physically isn’t a dairy free option I can have (which unfortunately is far too often! Come on food industry where the dairy free loving at?)

Never wish away the present.

We all do it. The “I can’t wait to move out/get a new job/have my own family/get married” but by doing that we run the risk of missing all the amazing stuff happening right now.

Always try your best.

Sometimes we get expectations placed on us that cause too much pressure. I say to hell with those and just do your best. Without that pressure who knows what you can achieve! All of that “nothing but 100% grade” stuff is nonsense, I’m all about that “100% effort” stuff. If you tried your best there’s nothing you could have done better!


So there is my rather long list of things I’ve learnt in my 20 years on this planet we call Earth. By no means do I know everything, nor do I want to! It’s the learning part thats the fun part!

If you have a birthday coming up, or even if you don’t, what would be on your list?

I’m also going on holiday next week eeeeeek! So I won’t be posting for a while. I’ll be travelling around Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore so don’t miss me too much! I promise I’ll have so much to write about when I get back! I’ll be on social media though so make sure you check out my Instagram because I will definitely be posting some holiday pictures!



4 thoughts on “20 Things I’ve Learnt In 20 Years”

  1. I absolutely loved this post Olivia! You’ve joined the rest of us (still trying not to feel sorry for myself 😉 ) – I always thought I was the kind of girl who’d never jump out of an aeroplane… and then I did. I couldn’t agree more with the fact that not everyone has to like you, and being happy with that is something people should come to terms with! I love the dessert point (and it’s so me!). Thanks for a great post and have fun on your travels: they sound incredible!
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola


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