Monthly Archives: September 2017

So something (somewhat) different on the blog today! Rather than writing about my normal stuff I have something a little more personal, and a little more localised. Now what I mean by this is that this post, although anyone can read it, is specifically aimed at those in Cardiff and Cardiff University. Advertisements

In case you didn’t realise in my recent post on must see TED talks I’ve really gotten into watching them a lot over the last month or so. I was recommended to watch Brené Brown’s talks on vulnerability and shame and after watching them I knew I had to write a post based on them.

This past year has been incredible for me. Do you want to know one of the main reasons why? I have educated myself. I have educated myself on our planet, on my life and what it can mean in this world, and I have educated myself on what I want from my future and my life. There have been numerous resources I have used to help me on this journey and I… Read More

Recently, when at the airport on my way to Sicily, I stumbled into a book shop to discover they had a “half price” sale going on. This to me is very exciting news, so I quickly went to the “personal development” section to get my hands on some life changing books. And that I did. I found Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds, paid and headed to my… Read More

I tweeted about whether people would be interested in a post like this and as I got such a positive response, I thought it sounded like a plan! I’ve never gone travelling before, just on family holidays, so this was all new to me! I went to the blogging community to get tips and tricks to prepare me for my 5 weeks in South East Asia, so I thought I’d compile a… Read More

Welcome back to the new and improved LaLiviLou! I’m so excited to be back and sharing new content with you! I’m sorry it took a little while BUT it’s definitely worth the wait! I explained super briefly on my Facebook page the reasons why I redesigned LaLiviLou, but I thought I’d go into little bit more detail on here.