Welcome To The New LaLiviLou

Welcome back to the new and improved LaLiviLou! I’m so excited to be back and sharing new content with you! I’m sorry it took a little while BUT it’s definitely worth the wait!

I explained super briefly on my Facebook page the reasons why I redesigned LaLiviLou, but I thought I’d go into little bit more detail on here.

In case you had’t guess by my Instagram or my blog, I’ve been very fortunate to do some travelling this summer. I saw the most incredible things and feel so lucky that I was able to go on such an incredible trip. Whilst I was out in South East Asia, I got a sense of clarity about what I wanted from my life. What I wanted to do with it, how I wanted to get there, and everything in between. With that came a new direction with my blog. As much as I love what I write about, I felt that with a new goal in my life my hobbies should adapt to support it.

So I guess it’s only fair I tell you a bit more about this direction.

You may have noticed a few of my posts taking an environmental stance; looking at plastic free living etc…Well this is more of the direction I want to take. The career path I want to go down is environmental and development humanitarian work. Pretty long as a field I know. But what that basically means, is I want to work for charities and non-governmental organisations to try and ensure conservation of our environment, whilst also ensuring sustainable development in underdeveloped countries. I know some people reading this might feel it’s a bit wishy-washy but whatever! It’s what I’m passionate about and someone has to try!

With that, this is where the blog direction changes. I will be talking on here about some of the work that I’m doing already, sharing with you any resources I find helpful and giving you tips and tips on how to live a more sustainable environmentally friendly life. I’m still a student, so I don’t have much money, so I’ll also be sharing how you can do all of this without breaking the bank either! (Trust me it’s possible!)

I hope all my current readers like this change in content (I’ll still have the old posts if you want to read those too!) And I also hope that I’ll be meeting more readers interested in what they can do for the planet, no matter how small.

Please feel free to comment any questions you have on any of my posts, I love responding to comments!

I’m going to try writing more frequently if I can so I’m hoping to post every Monday and Friday, if I can’t keep up with this at uni I might drop back to my previous every Wednesday.

Also please feel free to share any tips and tricks you might have, or any efforts your making to help the world! I love hearing other people’s stories and would love to feature a shout out on my Instagram!

Thank you to everyone that’s waited patiently for the blogs return! Happy reading!



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