My Travelling Essentials

I tweeted about whether people would be interested in a post like this and as I got such a positive response, I thought it sounded like a plan! I’ve never gone travelling before, just on family holidays, so this was all new to me! I went to the blogging community to get tips and tricks to prepare me for my 5 weeks in South East Asia, so I thought I’d compile a list of what worked for me!

I should point out that none of the brands/companies listed in this post are affiliates. Everything is my own opinion!


I love a good app. I have one for everything; step counter, period tracker, sleep tracker, the lot! So the first thing I did was google the “essential” apps. Surprisingly, the one that actually has been essential I didn’t find out about online! A couple of fellow travellers showed me on the shuttle bus when I first landed in Hanoi. The app is called and it is the biggest lifesaver known to traveller!

It’s a GPS for your phone! It doesn’t use wifi or data so is completely free to use abroad AND you can use it whenever you need it rather than needing wifi! I cannot tell you how many times Josh and I used the app. It was so nice to just explore a city without being scared we would get lost! When we wanted to go back to our hotel, just a quick look and we’d have a route ready to go!

If you only get one app before you go away, get this one!

A good currency converter is always good to have. We used this so often to try and figure if something was a good deal or not. Plus it was way easy to calculate our spending at the end of each day. We used the XE Currency Converter and found it gave us fairly accurate ideas.


This is kind of an app and a physical thing too. When Josh and I were looking at ways to use our money abroad, all the fees we would have got on our regular cards were scary, so we looked at prepaid cards. Monzo was recommend by MoneySavingExpert as the one to go for, so we did! And it’s so good! It’s all app based so you can easily check your balance and top up on the go. Plus there’s a feature which lets you make payments to other Monzo cards. This meant if Josh paid for something I could just send him some money in a second via the app. It was so much quicker than bank transfer and so much safer too! I think I’ll be continuing my use of Monzo when I’m at home as it’s an easy card to use!

This beauty of a rain coat could be yours for just 30,000 Vietnamese Dong (or about £1) if you’re lucky!

Packing Cubes

These were last minute purchases before we went away, but they were life savers! It made packing my rucksack so easy and I always knew where everything was. Long gone are the days of unorganised packing! I’ve even taken a cube with me on my family holiday to Sicily as I was sharing a case with my sister. It was so convenient having all my stuff in one place! If you’re interested in the cubes I used, click here to go to them! It even came with a wash bag (which I was in desperate need of) and a laundry bag so I always had my clean and dirty separated!

Not so much a travelling essential, but more of a really good recommendation. We booked all of our accommodation in advance (not all travellers like doing this but I stress far too much to not have things organised!) and found that Agoda gave us really good deals and offers. Plus we could book everything all in one place which made it so much easier when trying to organise out trip. Agoda also have an app that has all the booking details on and a map and ‘taxi guide’ should you ever need to translate a location for a taxi driver! I would definitely use Agoda again and highly recommend it. We also loved all of our hotels!




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