For Those Of You That Care About Our Planet, This Is For You…

This past year has been incredible for me. Do you want to know one of the main reasons why? I have educated myself. I have educated myself on our planet, on my life and what it can mean in this world, and I have educated myself on what I want from my future and my life. There have been numerous resources I have used to help me on this journey and I wanted to share them with you. And I guess, these resources have changed my life. That sounds super cliché I know, but it’s true. They have allowed me to decide what I want for my future, and I’m using them to help me shape it.

My top resource has been Netflix. So many people I know have this service and it’s filled with so many amazing documentaries that a truly incredible. I have numerous documentaries I think everyone should watch, but below are just a few of the very best.


This is the most pivotal one for me. It was the first one I really watched and it kickstarted my desire to watch more. It looks at the agricultural industry and the environmental impact that it is having. Never before had I realised the sheer amount of water needed to raise cattle for beef. Just like I hadn’t had any thought about all of the toxins we consume in fish on a daily basis. This documentary talks about how a vegan diet can help correct many environmental problems. But it also addressing the serious flaws in American agricultural policy. As a Brit, this doesn’t highlight flaws in my native agricultural policy, however, it makes me realise that there almost definitely is some!

On their website there are plenty of resources and facts on sustainability. There are even ways to watch the film if you don’t have Netflix already.

If you’re interested in how veganism helps the environment let me know and I’ll do a post on it in the future! I’m not saying people have to go full vegan BUT cutting down on dairy products or having a “Meatless Monday” can have big impact! Or even take part in Veganuary in January next year! Not only is it good for the environment but it’s good for your health too!

A Plastic Ocean

Another game changer. A film that starts off showing a group documenting whales, begins to show how polluted the oceans really are. Looking primarily at single use plastics (straws, water bottles etc), the film shows the devastating effects plastics have on oceans and ocean wildlife.

Plus there’s even Sir David Attenborough so you can’t go wrong there!

I wrote about this documentary in a little more detail back in a previous post on plastic free living!

Chasing Coral

This is a film I watched with Josh onboard our overnight train to Chiang Mai and wow. As you know, I am not a fan of the sea but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about it. Chasing Coral shows the effects of global warming on the coral in our oceans and how mass bleachings are happening more and more frequently and of larger scales. This is an area that I admittedly have never paid much attention to. It’s easy to forget about the coral reefs when you live in England miles away from any coral, but that doesn’t mean I should! I seriously recommend this documentary as it makes for a very emotional and interesting view!

Not only have I used Netflix for all it’s worth (there’re loads of environment related films and programmes on there so start browsing!) but I have also used blogs as a great source of information! There is literally everything on the internet to do with the environment and what you can do; from living zero waste, to veganism and just general tips and tricks!

Some of the blogs I have found invaluable are:

Trash Is For Tossers – Learn how to live a zero-waste lifestyle!

Zero Waste Home

50 Ways To Help – Tips and tricks towards helping the environment!

Top Knot Kinda Day – Just discovered this post yesterday and thought it was a great snapshot into ways to help!

I also found that just typing into Google ways to help the environment you can get a ton of results!

The saying small actions have big consequences is so true. If every person that can, makes one change here and there in their lifestyle, we could help contribute to big change! Start to say no to plastic bags in supermarkets and opt for plastic free shopping where you can and supermarkets will soon start to take note!

For general tips and tricks I also created a Twitter thread that I regularly update with ideas that you can do so easily!

There are also a few products I have purchased recently that have helped benefit the planet. I’ve switched out my plastic toothbrush for a biodegradable bamboo and charcoal one. I’ve actually found my teeth look so much whiter and healthier since switching too! Win win there really! I also needed a new phone case as my old plastic one broke. I’ve since invested in a lush purple Pela case made from biodegradable materials so I know that I’m now not contributing to any more plastic waste from that! I also made a vow to only purchase phone cases from Pela (or somewhere else that creates biodegradable cases!)

There are many more products I want to get my hands on too, but I will wait for my current versions to run out/break as there’s no need to create unnecessary waste just yet! But I will let you know how I get on with them!

Over the coming weeks I’ll be adding some tips and tricks in more detail on the blog, plus I have a VERY exciting announcement soon!


2 thoughts on “For Those Of You That Care About Our Planet, This Is For You…

  1. Giiiiiirl you are preaching to the choir! I watched Cowspiracy and Chasing Coral, but I haven’t seen A Plastic Ocean yet… Have you checked out Plastic Paradise? I wrote about saving our oceans and marine life in one of my previous posts: I think Plastic Paradise might be a great documentary for you since you seem to be interested in a lot of similar things I am 🙂

    I also like to follow the zero waste bloggers such as Lauren and Bea, but have yet to learn about 50 Ways to Help and A TopKnot Kinda Day; thank you for sharing!!

    Looking forward to what else you share in the future!


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