Time For A Little Announcement!

So something (somewhat) different on the blog today! Rather than writing about my normal stuff I have something a little more personal, and a little more localised. Now what I mean by this is that this post, although anyone can read it, is specifically aimed at those in Cardiff and Cardiff University.

This is because I am now officially a President of a Society! I finally got approval from my university for a new society and I am so so so excited! So what is this society you may ask? Cardiff University’s WaterAid Society!

If you know me well, you know I have a strong connection and support for the charity WaterAid. (I’ve also recently been successful in becoming one of their ambassadors for their Speaker Network Program!!) I’m also running a 10km in Bournemouth Marathon festival with Josh if people are interested in supporting us! When I discovered towards the end of my last academic year that WaterAid didn’t have a society at Cardiff University, I knew that I had to be the one to start it!

Why WaterAid?

Well, WaterAid is a charity that really stuck out for me. As a charity, I feel it is really tackling some absolutely crucial issues in our world today. I often talk on this blog about the planet and looking after it and WaterAid not only encompasses that, but it also focuses on sustainable development and basic human rights.

As a white woman, born and raised in the UK, I have led a very privileged life. If I want a glass of water; I walk to my kitchen, grab a glass, turn the tap on and voila. Every time I need the toilet, I have a safe secure environment with flushing and hand wash facilities. I also have access to feminine hygiene products and always have access to facilities to ensure I am hygienic and safe.

With 844 million people (1 in 10) having no access to clean, safe water and 2.3 billion (1 in 3) people not having access to a decent toilet I couldn’t not join the efforts to act and change this to ensure everyone everywhere has access to clean water by 2030. The issues at hand are such basic human rights, it makes me feel even more passionate about the cause.

What will the society be doing?

We will be running socials throughout the year to raise money and awareness for WaterAid. There will be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic socials in order to cater for everyone. I’m also hoping, that as part of WaterAid’s Speaker Network, I will be able to do some talks to help raise awareness as well as finding new guest speakers.

I would really like to get some sponsored events involved with the society and to try and spread the WaterAid name far and wide within Cardiff! We are always looking for people to connect with as a society so please get in touch with us via the social media links at the end of this post!

What is the Speaker Network?

The speaker network is a group of about 300 volunteers that take part in talks and presentations around the country. We can talk to any age group and any number of people! If you would like to request me as a speaker go to my contact page and we can begin to arrange a talk! Alternatively you can contact WaterAid directly to request a speaker.

You probably will see more posts about WaterAid, my story with them and the amazing work that they do! Even though my platform may be small here on this blog (although it is growing! Hi to all my new readers!), I’m going to use what I got to spread awareness where I can! Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in the work that WaterAid do and how you can get involved!

I’m so excited for the year to come, and I would really appreciate it if people could show some love and support on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the society, and if you’re a Cardiff University Student join our society to help raise money for the cause (every penny counts!).


Blog Title Picture Credit To WaterAid: Children with pump and ‘Thank you’ signs, from left to right – Milcar Sacrmento De Araujo, 7; Marcia Da Costa, 5; Domingos De Araujo, 5; Juleita Ramos, 7; Ferdianus Da Costa, 7; Manuella Sarmento, 6.. Haliwain village, Manufahi district, Timor Leste, 2015
WaterAid/ Tom Greenwood

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