My New App Obsession

So you know I’m a sucker for an app. Anything to make my life easier, I’ve probably got it on my phone. However, I have no games on my phone, just social media and apps to help me plan and be productive! I always find if I have a game I either spend my whole life obsessing over it or I never use it and it’s using up valuable space. This app is something I only came across about a week ago, but the effect it has had on me is quite something! I’ve already got some of my housemates using it, and we all find it rather helpful so I thought I would share it with you.

I’m also super sorry because yet again I’ve been inconsistent with blogging. It’s not because I don’t want to blog, it’s just finding the time at the moment seems near on impossible! I’m so busy with university and my new society that having time to sit and brainstorm really is becoming quite hard! It’s my final year so I really need to knuckle down! So I’ve decided I’m not going to have set days to post. I know that that can be somewhat frustrating for those of you that follow my blog, but if you subscribe to email alerts you’ll always be informed when there’s a new post online! I just feel that having a set timescale is causing me to feel more stressed than I need to, so it’s just going to be when the inspiration (and time) allows!

So onto this app.

A friend of mine introduced me to this app and honestly it is brilliant. It’s called Moments and basically monitors your phone usage everyday. If you can remember back to when I put my phone in the washing machine I never realised how much I rely on my phone, but this app tells me just how much I do.

Every time I use my phone it logs what I’ve done and how long for. I also have 15 minute reminders so I am aware just how long I’m using it! That means my social media “update” sessions don’t take up my entire morning and I’m far less likely to get sucked into a social media back hole as I have a nice reminder every 15 minutes to get off my phone!



You can also set a daily limit. I initially had mine set at 5 hours, but I have found I’ve only come close that that once (I only was asleep for 4 hours in the 24hr period so had lots of screen time!) So today I’ve also downed my daily limit to 3hrs. It seems like I long time, but when you spend time replying to messages, checking email, taking calls, the time really adds up!

There are also courses you can take part in. I’ve just finished a week long one to try and cut down my phone use. What the courses tend to do is set yourself a challenge every day to do with your phone. This can be from 30 minutes no screen time, to deleting an app or not taking a photo all day. It’s a way to actively take steps to cutting down your phone usage.



It seems somewhat ironic to get a phone app to try and cut down your phone use, but I have to say it has worked! I’m so conscious of the fact that every time I use my phone I’m being monitored! I almost am competing with myself to get the lowest time possible every day! Of course sometimes life happens and my phone time increases, like when I had to use my Trainline app when travelling on trains last weekend, but for the most part I’m steering clear of my phone.

As I mentioned at the start, I’m in my final year of uni now so need to make sure I’m focused all the time and I think this app is playing a key role in ensuring I do that.

What do I hope to gain?

The short answer is time. I want to gain more time in my day to do things I love and to do things I need to do; like my uni work, but also reading books, blogging and seeing my friends. I am now far more conscious of how many minutes I waste just scrolling. You never know, maybe that’s why I’ve been finding it hard to have time to blog?!

I also hope to gain more of a mindful life. It’s something I like to practice as often I as I can, but having time to just enjoy and focus on the world around me is so much more beneficial than scrolling down social media.

Having grown up with this technology, it’s very easy for me to think that I can’t live without it. Obviously having a way to be able to communicate to friends and family if I need to is super important, but I can think of many aspects of it that I just don’t need.

So why not check it out for yourself and see just how long you spend scrolling. I’ll also try to do an update post in a few weeks time to let you know how I’m getting on! Currently my average screen time is 2hrs 42 minutes so lets see how much I can cut that down by!



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