Monthly Archives: December 2017

Wow what a year 2017 has been for me. Is it cliché to say it’s been one of the best years ever?! Because it really has. Not only have I done some unbelievable things (did I mention I’ve been to South East Asia?) but I’ve also learnt so much and grown a great deal as a person. I’ve begun making some major life decisions in 2017 too so that’s a great way… Read More

Well, almost. But I’m super excited and have finished uni for this term so in my mind it’s Christmas; even if I have loads of work to do and revision! Not quite a proper holiday but I’ll take it.

It’s that time of year where you really notice that it is definitely not summer anymore. Long gone are the days where you could leave the house without a coat, and now are the days where you need hat, gloves and scarf to put the bins out. It is cold and I do not like it. I’ve always been the type of person who’s mood is affected by the weather, so for… Read More