It’s Christmas!!

Well, almost.

But I’m super excited and have finished uni for this term so in my mind it’s Christmas; even if I have loads of work to do and revision! Not quite a proper holiday but I’ll take it.

Christmas is probably my favourite time of year. Not only does it mean we all get to have a few days off to rest, but it’s the time when family and friends come together and I’m a very social person so love that. I love seeing all my family, some of which I sometimes have seen since the Christmas the year before so this time of year is always a warm one for me.

On top of the social side, Christmas is a magical time of year. The promise of snow that never really comes, or if it does it melts and turns to that horrible brown slush by the following morning. The Christmas adverts we all get so hyped for and that sometimes even make us cry. I have to say the BBC One Christmas advert was my tear-jerker for the year; such a lovely story I couldn’t help myself! (Also opinions on the John Lewis ad? I’ve heard mixed reviews this year, so let me know what you think in the comments!)

For those that know me well my most favourite place in the whole wide world is laying down in front of our fire in our lounge. There’s something about it that makes me feel so warm inside, and I mean emotionally as I am of course physically warm. It is a fire after all. It’s just very comforting and reminds me of home. It’s also something I only get to do this time of year so it’s like a weird little treat for me!

Christmas is, of course, a time for giving. It’s about showing those around you how much you care and simply spreading the love all round. Despite the fact that my January exams are looming closer and closer, Christmas has a way of making me feel so much more serene and relaxed. Perhaps it’s because of the warmth and spirit Christmas brings to my home, who knows?

Perhaps you could give in a new way this year? If you’ve read my blog before you will be aware of my links with the charity WaterAid. Currently, they have an appeal called Untapped that for every donation the UK Government will double it for up to £5 million. It’s a fantastic way to make your donation go that little bit further and to help more people have access to clean and safe water by 2030.

Be thoughtful with your gifts this year, think about how your gifts will leave their own special mark on our planet. I’ve tried to be a bit creative with some of my gifts this year so hopefully that’ll all pay off! I know that LUSH are selling some fabulous reusable wrapping fabrics that I think are just gorgeous! I’ve also been trying to stick to vegan and cruelty free brands where possible to ensure my Christmas is both wonderful and ethical. I’ve seen some fantastic recommendations on Instagram and Facebook for vegan and cruelty free gifts, so they’re out there!



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