Moving On To 2018

How scary is that. 2018. The year I graduate, turn 21 and truly begin my life as an adult. No biggy, just super terrifying.

Is anyone else having that “I don’t know what to do with my life” moment, because I seem to be living in it constantly and it would be fab to know I’m not alone! In the spirit of the upcoming New Year, I guess it’s only fair I partake in the annual ‘goals for the year’. As I mentioned in my last post I know that I didn’t quite meet my goals for this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t set ones for next year too!

Read 20 books in one year.

I tried to do this in 2017 but fell short so here’s giving it another go! I read more than one book per month in 2017 so I feel that’s pretty good going considering how busy I was.

14 books over the course of the year has definitely been an achievement anyway as in 2016 I feel I barely read 5!

As always they were lots of personal development ones there with a personal favourite being The Happiness Track (highly recommended). I also tried to read “one of the classics” which was Pride and Prejudice and to be honest (and sorry to literature lovers) I found it so tough to read! Guess those kinds of books just aren’t my type!

Get better at yoga

This is something I’m making very slow progress in! I practice regularly but I want to make sure it is daily and for a sizeable amount of time too! I get such freedom and enjoyment from simply flowing so definitely need to prioritise it more!

Blog progress

I’ve been blogging now for 2 years which is absolutely insane! And yet my blog habits now are so much more worse than when I first began it! Uni and life have got in the way and I’m still trying to figure out how best to manage my time as my degree is so much more demanding this year. I would like this blog to become a bit bigger than it is, and with that my social media (mainly Instagram) to grow too.

Finally learn how to save

One of my “needs improvement” areas is how I manage my money! I don’t think I’m alone, especially with students here. I’d love to actually get more in the habit of setting aside money for savings and only really buying what I need instead of what I want. Minimalism is definitely going to play a bigger role in my life this year.


By this I mean from technology. I’ve been doing it more and more recently but I want to really make more of an effort to disconnect from my phone and technology. I have already deleted the Twitter app from my phone and other “time wasting apps”. I want to go for walks more in nature and enjoy being in the beautiful world I am in!

Ultimately, my New Years resolutions are about growth, not change.

I understand that maybe that’s not how New Years resolutions are traditionally interpreted but, for me, that’s what works best! I’ll still try and aim to tick off the resolutions I missed last year because they still are things I want to do!

What are you resolutions this year? How did you do in 2017?

Best wishes and happiness for the New Year too!


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