Dr. Seuss’ Life Lessons

Have you seen The Lorax? Because I hadn’t until a few weeks ago. It’s the Dr. Seuss story that, I think, perfectly demonstrates the capitalist, consumption driven society that the Western world is today.

How about that for a heavy intro to today’s post eh?

What The Lorax taught me is that I need to change. Don’t get me wrong, you know how I always say how much I love myself and the person I have become, but that doesn’t mean I can’t become even better…I need to change into someone that isn’t so consumption driven. I’ll hold my hand up, I can’t resist a sale and if it’s a Zara sale god save my bank account, but I really do need to change this about myself and I’m starting to be able to.

If you’ve read about my No-Spend February, I can tell you now this is really very tough. I’ve gone into town a few times and there have been many a sale. I should also say that after a response on the post from my Omi (shoutout to you Omi if you’re reading!) I realised that perhaps a spend free February may be too restrictive and I should focus more on not spending on the wrong things. A lesson I think is very good to learn!

So I can say for sure, I haven’t bought anything I shouldn’t have done in February. I definitely have spent money on things other than what was specified in my post, but I still think I’ve learnt a lot. Although February isn’t over yet, I do feel this has been a good experience. Rather than restrict myself and simply say no, I’ve been asking myself “do I need this?” and I’ve found a lot of the time I’ve said no, but in the occasions I’ve said yes – like for a lunch out with my friend Sarah where we had a great time at Yo! Sushi’s Blue Monday – I felt that saying no really would have done more harm than good.

The Lorax made me aware that the world we live in is driven by people wanting more, wanting things they think they need. I know I said I wouldn’t spend money, but equally that isn’t always the right option. It’s about being sensible with your money and choosing the right things to spend it on.

I’m a firm believer, and always have been, that experiences are often better to receive than material gifts. Josh and I always say how we would rather spend money on a train ticket to see each other than to get a physical present.

I think everyone can agree that we don’t need half the stuff we all have in our lives. Sat here right now writing this I can see numerous books I need to donate, I pile of clothes I will be donating to charity or passing on to friends and family. We all have stuff and some more than others. I’m going to try and reduce my stuff.



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