My Not So Spend-Free February

conscious spend february

As I mentioned before my Spend-Free February slightly changed in it’s concept about half way through the month. I started to resent myself for having to say no and felt that I was missing out on experiences with people rather than wasting my money on useless stuff. So, I decided to change what I was doing and make it my “Conscious Spending February” although I really do feel like this is something that will last a lot longer than February! Need to always be spending consciously!

What this means is that rather than just saying no all the time, I was able to sit back and assess situations. The way I see it, I have until May 9th (my final deadline) left of university so I should be able to embrace all of the opportunities I have before me. I want to cherish the time I have with my friends in Cardiff and if that means spending more on experiences/activities I’m down for that.

Have I saved money?

To be honest, I’m not really sure. I haven’t been monitoring the pennies exactly, but I feel like I haven’t spent a lot. I’m saving up for some pretty awesome travels this summer so have always been conscious of what I’d rather spend my money on. (I’m really excited about what I’m planning so watch this space!)

I guess as well with it being a conscious spend February, I’ve been thinking more about the types of things I’m buying. When faced with a SALE I’m asking myself

“Okay so this is £20 down to £7, although that’s a big discount, would I have bought it for £20?”

I’ve found that doing this makes me reassess the value of things. Just because its cheap it doesn’t mean I need it! I think that’s something that everyone can think about. Buying something is only a good deal if you actually needed the item in the first place, otherwise it’s just a waste of less money.

How many people can honestly say that everything they own has been a good buy? I can put my hand up and say that there are many things in my life that weren’t a good spend of money, but what this has meant is that I have learnt things!

What I’ve started to do, and it actually was an idea from an old work colleague of mine, is if I see something I want – write it down. At the end of the month, if I still want the item on my list, buy it. However, if I look at the list and think “hey I guess I didn’t really want this that bad, haven’t even thought about it once” that item is definitely not bought! Quite a handy little way to stop impulse buys thats for sure!

I know I say it allllll the time, BUT, I really do want to get a lot more consistent with this whole blogging thing. I’ve been doing this two years now and for the last year I have been very bad at keeping on top of things! If you have ideas for posts you want to see, or if you’d like to show me your blog (I love finding new reads) please share away!

If anyone has any tips or blog posts on how to save better I’d be really interested in giving them a read so send them my way in the comments!


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