Not So Body Confident

I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected with loving my body recently, and as I’ve talked in the past about the importance of body confidence I thought in the spirit of transparency I’d tell you when I don’t feel so confident. Loving your body is a journey and that means that some days things won’t be as full of rainbows as others – and that’s okay! It’s about embracing the process and learning from it!

I can even (almost) pinpoint the moment my body confidence slipped. January exams were not my favourite, although I am so super proud of myself for how well I did – my best results ever! But with that meant a lot of sitting at my desk reading and revising with revision snacks helping me power through. Now, I love going to the gym. I find it a release, a way of treating my body with the respect it deserves. Unfortunately, and I only have myself to blame, I only went to the gym once during the whole lead up to exams and during them. This made me lose some of my confidence because I’d lost some of the time I usually connect with my body. I use the gym as a way to love my body: pushing it to it’s limits, challenging it, seeing it grow. This development is something I get a great deal of pride and confidence from.

Going to the gym to reach your “body goals” is not something I prescribe to. Idealising a certain shape for a body that is nothing like mine, I personally see as detrimental rather than helpful. I’m never going to look like someone else so I exercise for personal progress.

So not going to the gym for about two months really did not help this progress. In fact it took me back several steps. Not only was I not exercising but my eating habits had gone south too. I had a regular eating schedule which is good, but I was also eating whatever I wanted because exams were tough enough without having to watch what I was eating! Its silly that I did this really. I should have been feeding myself for a healthy body and mind to maximise my performance. But I didn’t haha.

All of this lack of routine, and lack of anything positive health wise really, has made my body change. I’ve noticed over the months that my health and stamina has decreased and weights I used to lift are harder than before. I feel frustrated that I let myself take steps back. And as a result its left me lacking in confidence and feeling quite disheartened. I keep telling myself to cut myself some slack – exams are tough as it is without this as added pressure!

I know I’ll get back to myself shortly, it is just going to take some time and getting back into a routine again. I’ve got my FitBit so I can keep on top of my steps and make sure I’m active for a suitable amount a day! There’s nothing I dislike more than sitting at my desk all day so having an excuse to get up and go for a walk is something I’ll always embrace!

I’ll keep you posted on how things are going and comment if you’ve ever felt similar and how you overcame it!


2 thoughts on “Not So Body Confident

  1. It’s totally frustrating when you feel like you’ve lost all of your progress but I think it’s totally okay for you to have taken the time out during exams – you can’t do everything!

    My friend reminded me of something a few months ago and it’s stuck with me. Choosing to be healthy and exercise is a lifestyle choice so you may fall out of it at times, but it will always be a part of your lifestyle if you choose for it to be.

    I’m trying so hard not to pressure myself because I have so many body issues and confidence issues with the way I look so it’s ncie to read a post that I can relate to x

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