Facing Challenges

If you’re reading this from the UK, it roughly has been a week since the Beast from the East royally ruined us here. Honestly, it baffles me how whenever we get snow the country simply cannot cope. How those countries that live in snow half the year survive almost seems like some weird alternative universe. All of the shops in Cardiff were either closed or had nothing fresh in stock for days. Cars were left abandoned and my university was shut for the duration of the snow. It really does make me chuckle.

Now that the snow has melted, life can return to normal. I was finally able to do a food shop and my lectures are back up and running in the most part (my uni still has strikes so not all my lectures are going ahead!) and things are starting to feel like March again. So today I wanted to talk about facing challenges – seeing as we’ve faced our fair share as a country this past week or two.

I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to overcoming challenges if I’m honest. If you ask anyone I’m a pretty safe kinda gal: rarely do I do anything spontaneous or out of my comfort zone because it makes me a bit uncomfortable, but this is something I want to overcome.

Challenges are okay in small quantities for me. I like pushing myself in a controlled environment; the gym say. I know in there that things are safe and it’s okay to push myself to heavier weights! But when it comes to new environments and situations I struggle but I’m getting there!

One thing I’ve found that works the best for me in facing challenges is to talk about them. Josh can probably vouch for the fact that I am often talking to him about something that I’m facing. He’s brilliant at helping me put things in perspective and to calm down a bit! So by talking about them to a friend/partner/family member/stranger it helps gain some perspective and rationale making things seem easier to digest.

The best thing to do is to not give up. If people gave  up every time things got a bit too challenging we’d probably still be living in rocks in the stone-age! Perseverance is one of the most important things ever! Keep going when things get hard, have resilience that things will get better! They always do! One area where I’m not giving up is my fear of the sea. You probably remember aaages ago when I mentioned how scared I was of it, and then the fact that last summer when in Asia I managed to go up to my knees…then my full body…then swimming! Perseverance pays off! And I know that I’m going to keep trying until I’m a mermaid!

Ultimately, we all face challenges. For some it’s getting out of bed, or the house each day; others it could be a new project at work or school. It’s about how we deal with them that defines us!

I’ve got some big challenges ahead:

This week I submitted my psychometric tests for my dream graduate scheme so waiting for those results, and what the results will be is a challenge in itself.

I have 7/8 of my deadlines still due and I’m slowly working my way through.

I’m off to Kenya in June to work on incredible Women Empowerment scheme with my friend Sarah and this presents new challenges as I’ll be working in an environment I’ve never been in before plus it’s my first time in Africa!

Choosing what to do with myself after I graduate in July is also a challenge. Hopefully, the grad scheme will be where I’m at but who knows eh?! That’s part of the fun of life!

I’ve also got to pick a dress for graduation and honestly think that’s the biggest challenge of the lot…

What challenges have you got coming up, and how do you overcome them?


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