Ahh Food…

Sorry for the silence! I spent last weekend away with Josh so didn’t have time to write, plus I had deadlines to prioritise! It also didn’t help that my trains got very messed around on sunday so the time I usually use to write disappeared…not ideal! I’m getting in a better routine of it all so hopefully I can make up for lost time here!

So just like my weekend with Josh today’s post is going to focus on food! Josh and I always say it may be a good thing we don’t see each other often because whenever we do we spoil ourselves with food! I had the best time with him, we went to London and ate so much that I think we both reached a level of full we had never experienced before!

I also had the most incredible breakfast in Oxford on the Sunday morning at a little cafe called The Vault and Garden if you ever go to Oxford check it out! We got in just before breakfast stopped serving and it was packed! The cafe was set up in a part of the University church so it was really very lovely. It also was the best breakfast I have had in my life ever. Plus it was vegan so you all know how that makes me happy! Just delicious! I’ll probably be dreaming about that breakfast for a very long time…

Onto today’s post, because honestly if I talk about that breakfast anymore I may just jump on a train to go have it again.

As I said it’s about food and in particular my favourite foods and how I’ve changed my diet! I have had some really positive feedback from people liking what I share on my Facebook so thought I’d incorporate it here! I’ve really strived to have a healthier lifestyle as mentioned in my recent post so I thought I’d share some of my tips with that!

Avocado’s are life

I know they’re the reason people like me can’t buy houses according to the Daily Mail aren’t they?! But what can I say I love them! I usually chop one up and whack it in one of my delicious chocolate breakfast shakes and I feel so much fuller for longer! Then if I’m feeling a bit peckish in the afternoon after lunch I’ll have an avocado or I’ll add one on my dinner (depending on what I’ve cooked!).

Quinoa is not as scary as it is to say

I’ve recently discovered quinoa and I enjoy it just as much as I do saying it wrong to annoy people! I’ve had it or lunch or tea and found it is the PERFECT substitute for pasta with so many recipes! I also used it in my mini fajita bowls I made the other night. I bought my bag from Holland and Barratt but I think it is available in most places. It’s a great gluten free alternative to foods like pasta that can be a bit heavy on the stomach!

Water for days

I think this one is pretty self explanatory. Water = all things good in life for your body. So get drinking! I recently found out I really don’t drink the right amount for my body so I’ve been really trying to change that! (You should be drinking a litre for every 3 stone you weigh!)

Stay away from soy if you can

This isn’t like a massive thing, but it’s something I’ve been trying to do for a few months. I don’t eat dairy as I’ve probably told you a million times but I used to drink soy milk as a substitute. But after finding out about the negative impacts soy milk can have on hormones (particularly women) I decided to try and avoid it as much as possible. My go-to milk of choice is now almond milk and I try to make sure any cheeses I buy are coconut in base, same for my spreads!

Berries are your friends

Berries of all kinds are my snack when I’m craving something sweet. I actually find them so much more enjoyable than a piece of rich heavy chocolate. They’re bitesize fruits that don’t carry the excess energy that you get from bananas so you feel more satisfied with less sugar in your body so win win!

Drink all the tea

Did I ever mention how much I bloody love tea? At my last count I had 29 different varieties of tea with me here at uni and in my personal opinion that is not enough! Haha! But drinking tea (as long as it isn’t caffeinated) counts towards your daily water intake! Plus so many teas have incredible health benefits like mint to help your stomach, camomile for relaxation and a good old cup of green tea for metabolism and overall health!

Would people be interested in any recipes I’ve found amazing?! I’ll be posting an update on how I’m going on my 30 Days to Healthy Living too! Day 10 and absolutely loving it!



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