How I’m Travelling This Summer Whilst Still Earning An Income

First of all hello! I told you I’d be back!

One thing that is super important to me is travel. I know I want to see the world in my lifetime, go exploring in new cultures and places. My vision board is filled with places I want to see and travel inspiration and a lot of my recent search history consists of best places to travel in your 20s, how to travel the world etc.But the downside is, unfortunately world travel isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. So my searches changed to how to earn whilst travelling the world and how to become a digital nomad. A digital nomad may be a tad extreme but it did make me realise on thing: I already have the power to be one!

All of the online forums and blog posts about being a digital nomad had one thing in common: you had to earn money online. This is where I had my “lightbulb moment”. What I already do for an income is a wifi wage. For my online business all I need is wifi!

wifi wage

What I earn now is reflective of how much time I’m putting into it; not as much as I’d like. But equally there’s this thing called university I have so that’s taking most of my time at the moment. The point is, however, I’m still earning an income! I finish university in a few weeks so can fully devote myself to my business and I know I will see that reflected in my bank balance!

Building a wifi business takes one thing: an open mind (well and wifi). That attitude has taken me so far and despite all the negativity that inevitably happens in life, I’ve still kept going! I’ve learnt so much in such a short time and I’m continuing to learn.

So this summer I have three trips planned.

Volunteering for 2 weeks in Kenya at a Women’s Shelter for women that have unfortunately been victims of abuse. I cannot wait for this trip as I know it’s going to be so rewarding and a chance for me to do something positive. This opportunity doesn’t come around often so I’m going to fully embrace all of the ups and downs.

A week in Marrakesh with Josh is slightly less massive than what we did last year but I’m excited all the same!! A new exciting city and country and with Kenya my first time in Africa this year and I’m going twice! I’m so lucky to have these opportunities and to share them with Josh as well is amazing!

Finally, a week in Norway with my family shall be amazing. I love spending time with my family and I’ve never been to Norway before so I am very excited for that!

With North America, Europe, Asia and soon to be Africa ticked off my list I have my sights set on South America or Australasia next and I’m so lucky that I am able to have these plans and dreams!

travel vision board

The work I’m putting in now and after I finish uni in a couple of weeks will be the ground work to allow me still to earn when I’m away. That’s why they call it beach money! I’m my own boss and get to choose when I want to work and how much or little. As I said, what I put in is what I get out and I think that’s brilliant; if I want a pay rise, I work for it!

The absolute best part about it is that anyone can do this! I want to give people the tools to be able to achieve this for themselves. To be able to travel the world with an income coming into their bank account that all they need is wifi to create. I can’t think of anything more dream worthy!

wifi wage travel

I love the people I work with and have literally had the most fun building my business. Travelling, meeting new people, having catch ups over a cup of tea and living your best life all are part of what I do. This isn’t some little lipstick business, it is an opportunity to have a wifi wage and build and achieve goals, whilst becoming a person you are proud to be. When I look back at the photo above, I’m 2 years further along in my journey. I’m a more confident person; I’m healthier, happier; I have more drive and ambition, a career path ahead of me and most importantly I’m still looking for new ways to be better.

If you’re ready to live a limitless life through a wifi wage contact me on Facebook! I am so excited to hear from you and to help support you achieve your goals!



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